Save time and let us send your demo to our 1700+ Record Labels using your E-Mail. You will receive the replies and this all for only £29.90

Submit music demos to a selection of over 1700+ Record Labels

Are you looking to submit your new track to record labels and companies? Perhaps you’re hoping to find a way to save time and increase your chances of a getting successful release? Whatever process you’re looking at, this one is key to saving you time and increasing your chance to secure a release.

With over 1700 Record Labels at your disposal, you can send your demo to the right segment that suits your music genre.

Submitting music demos is a very time consuming task for DJs. We have now made it quick and easy. In just one click you can begin the process of getting your demo track heard by the right people.

Increase your chances of getting a quality release and take control once the E-Mail has been sent out. You are likely to receive replies and comments or release deals. Be in the driving seat of your DJ career and don’t take the long way round. In just a few steps you could be much closer to getting a record deal. It’s just that easy.

So, how does our music submission package work?

First of all you need to buy a demo submission package for £29.90. Once this is complete, you’ll hear from our team in about 24-28 hours about what is needed to get your demo submission arranged. Each pack is customised and personalised to you. There’s nothing like it for so little cost.

Secondly you’ll receive from us a sheet we need filling out. This will help us personalise the E-Mail and select the right Record Labels for you. it’s nothing mega and can be completed in a few moments time.

Thirdly we’ll send off your demo track submission to the record labels and use your E-Mail address for any responses you may get.

Last but not least when a record label replies, you’ll receive it in your inbox. You can then take control of your release plan and any comments they may provide you with. If you then need any assistance with improvements or edits, our team will be happy to provide a quote for the task to get your demo track to the standards of the label.

Producer Factory is here to help DJs, Music Producers and Record Labels join force to create an effective team to provide the music industry with incredible music. Your demo could be the driving force to a new hit and we look forward to helping you get there. Submit your demo track via our package today.

What Genres can you submit your demo in?

Our list includes Record Labels that accept the following:

  • Breakbeat
  • Chill Out
  • Deep House
  • Downbeat
  • Dubstep
  • Electro
  • Electro House
  • Electronica
  • Drum & Bass
  • House
  • Minimal
  • Progressive
  • Tech House
  • Techno