Silent heart

Silent heart by Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan
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Description by “Silent heart “ Ghost Production

Music producer Hassan Khan and Silent heart a Movie/Game/TV genre ghost production

"Silent heart" is an excellent ghost production by the music producer Hassan Khan. Full of strings and piano elements "Silent heart" is a magical creation of Hassan Khan. The emotional reach of "Silent heart" gentle ghost production is far spread. The variation in "Silent heart" excels other options if you're looking for a sweet outdoor scene setting with the sun shining. "Silent heart" would fit perfectly before a more robust sound log for a game for an effective scene change. The music producer Hassan Khan would happily assist with this and provide you with top quality music for your project. We at ProducerFactory wish you the best success.

Comment by Producer Factory

Hassan Khan is an excellent element builder and generates wonderful results. He is difficult to pass by if your looking for serious projects of alternative nature. His style always consists of grimy sounds and distorted features leading it to feel used and familiar to listeners of the tape deck and vinyl era. His music productions certainly have been liked by many at Producer Factory and they are well sought after. As a dedicated ghost producer to your requests, he's effective and pleasant to work with. Any request you have will be made a success. Music producer Hassan Khan is a very versatile ghost producer, who's diversity is priceless as a longterm partner. He always likes to receive inputs and suggestions from his clients and us. For obvious reasons this is greatly beneficial for a client and for us. We can always request products we are slim in for him to fill up the shop with excellent productions. It's a pleasure to call Hassan Khan one of our producers and we hope you enjoy his repertoire as much as we do. If you can't find anything to your taste, well any request can be arranged. We at Producer Factory wish you the best of success in your career.