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Custom music stems are a great way to help your tracks stand out

Are you looking for a vocal layer for your track? Perhaps you’re missing a Piano melody for your intro. We have all the best professionals at your fingertips. Our Session Musicians will be happy to create any custom audio stem you want for your music production or track. Our joint speciality is creating any sound layer exclusively for your use. We know how difficult it is to stand out from the masses, but you can really benefit from individuality. Such methods will help you get noticed by labels. It’s vital to be different and yet mainstream, but submissions to labels recognisably display the common sample packs of today. Why use what everyone else does when you can be unique and buy exclusive samples here.

Can I hire multiple Session Musicians?

Of course you can hire as many Session Musicians as you wish. Combining our services by the music ghost producers and our recording artist, you can really have a DJ release made that will be mind blowing. Perfect the track using our mastering engineers and you’re ready to sign your label agreement. Be as creative as you wish, many of our Session Musicians have a network they use to create complex melodic or percussion stems. These multi layered sample stems can truly be a great building block for your new music track. Don’t let the chance to be the best slip and the more services you combine, the more money you will save.

What are the steps towards getting a custom sample made?

Step 1

Find the right studio artist in our Session Musician collection for your task. You can then either contact us via their profile, or simply send us a request here. No matter which way you choose, our customer service will be here to help.

Step 2

You’ll receive a quote for the recording or production task and upon acceptable and payment, your project will begin.

Step 3

Our professionals will keep you updated on the progress of your custom sample music stem by sending you demos and comments along the way. We want your expectations to be met and the better the communication, the better the results will be.

Step 4

Completion of your audio recording or production will occur and the files transferred to you for implementation. If you require help with this, we highly recommend our ghost producers.

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Customer Testimonials


HOOOLLLLYYY HELLL!!! THAT"S SOME BIG ROOM MADNESS!!!!! Fantastic! Producer factory helps me once again That track's mastering is awesome

Mike: :

I must say I'm quite impressed with the quick response! Other places I've looked around sometimes take a few days for a reply! Thank you for the example track from Beachslap, it is much appreciated! The two producers that stuck out the most (for the two genres I'm in) was Chris G. and Beachslap. The track Aurora from Chris G. was simply a master piece to say the least, and to be quite honest sounded like an Above and Beyond record of the week quality track. The uplifting progressive Trance from Chris G. is most fitting, and the productions from Beachslap give that hard dance floor club style which are both right up my ally. I've been looking around for a couple of weeks doing research, listening to samples of artists, and I have to say you have the artists that have that sound and style to make it high in the Beatport charts.”


You legends!

Thank you for taking the time to read this info and we look forward to getting your custom audio track or music stems project underway soon.