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Session Musician online recording studio service Producer Factory

Producer Factory has now added the service that allows you to buy music stems and hire a Session Musician. Whether you are looking for a saxophone recording artist, a violin pizzicato stem melody, a piano chord stem, plucked guitar audio stems, Producer Factory is here to help. We also offer exclusive vocal stems for your music productions. Female vocal stems, male vocals stems and even spoken word stems are available. We have a growing range of top quality Session Musicians who are on standby to assist you with your music production.

Our Session Musician profiles collectively have worked with Universal Studios, top names like Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Britney Spears and in recent years have focus more on the EDM industry. They are no amateurs to Electronic Music, Ghost writing or recording vocals around the world. Our Session Musician profiles are the best you will find today. Not only do they know their way around music recording software, but they are also affordable to use. Enquire now about our Session Musician section and how they can help you.

Create your individual own music stems and sounds or vocals for each music track. It’s so easy with our option to Hire a Session Musician. Use this to your advantage as a music producer or DJ and fashion something new and exciting. Our so called online recording studio is here to help you make any individual element you need to for your next release. Give it a try today and get 10% off your first order.

Ever considered DJing using stem packs? Well it is an alternative way to approach live sets. Make the most of it and hire a Session Musician for your DJ set. Employing online recording artists to capture vocals or instrument melodies in a professional home studio, who know their way around the best music recording software is key to making that hit track you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s not forget songwriters, or ghost writers to write lyrics and record their male or female vocals with or without effects. We also want to offer Foley artists to create and mimic sounds that would accompany your video advertisement or music production, but we’re not quite there yet. Being individual is the aim of the game, as this is one of many ways to create a DJ brand, so let our studio recording artists within our Session Musician section help you achieve this.

If you’re looking for a Session Musician who uses top music recording software and a service that offers you the chance to work with an online recording studio setup, then we’re the place for you. Hire a Session Musician today and discover the benefits of working with a top online recording studio. There’s no better music production or DJ tip than telling you to include exclusive elements into your music tracks. We have vocals in our online recording studio, instruments captured using top quality music recording software and all this is housed in our Session Musician section. Don’t miss out on giving your music track the final touch it needs and hire a Session Musician from our online recording studio today.

Our Session Musician section overview:

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Session Musician Profiles - Here you can browse our Session Musician profiles and filter out the right one for you. Choose the right instrument category, including vocals and decide on who best fits your needs and get your music stem project underway using our online recording studio.

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Hire Session Musician - Use this form to hire a recording artist from a pool of professionals. You’ll receive a free quote for the task and be informed about our risk free online recording studio service that only uses the best music recording software.

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Become a Session Musician - Use this form if you have a home recording studio and use professional music recording software, or have access to a recording studio and wish to join the team. We look forward to your submission and welcoming you to the team.

Mixing stems made using professional music recording software and loops, what is the difference?

Well music stems made using professional music recording software can also be loops, but are mainly complete layers fully designed with bridge, chorus, etc. They are basically the length of a music track and can be cut and manipulated to suit your song structure. Loops are short 4, 8, 16 bar segments that can be repeated, but the beauty of most music mixing stems is they last a long time and are less repetitive. This allows you to truly be a king at mixing. Make the segments match the right moments and pre-cutting them to suit your DJ mix. Our recording artists within the Session Musician section would be more than happy to assist with any custom music stem you need. Made using the best music recording software and home or professional music studios, our Session Musician professionals will only offer you the best and you can profit from this online music recording studio service today.

Loops are short and can be easy to use when mixing, but DJ stem packs are certainly the best way adding and removing layers of a track during your DJing. If you need any custom made, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Exclusive stems will be an even better way to get a signature sound to generate interest for your DJ name. Check out our Session Musician profiles and find the best choice within our online music recording studio service today.

What are music stems made by studio artists in our online recoding studio service?

Music stems, also known as audio stems or remix stems, are layers of a track provided separately. Our studio artists can make unique elements for you. Just fill out the “Hire Session Musician” form online to start your recording project. A track is built up of multiple stems that create a completed track structure and design. A music track may consist of a vocal layer, a melodic layer for example a flute melody, a drum layer that contains Hi-Hats, Toms and Snare drum elements, and a bassline stem that gives the track it’s motion. Music tracks are made up of all these stems combined. Here you can buy these stems individually from our recording artists and either make your own music productions, or simply use them to replace others during your DJ performance. DJ stem packs will be the way forward and already have begun to take over. Don’t be left in the dark and join this movement to impress your fans, visit our Session Musician section now.

Stem packs are basically elements of a construction kit. However, Producer Factory Session Musicians offer these exclusively so you’ll be the only DJ who owns it. DJs will use more and more stem packs during their set to have more control over the mixing process. Imagine you can remove one layer of a track and mix in another. This will create a whole new level to DJing and once again, skill will be brought back in. This can be hailed by DJs who truly are talented performers and now find individuality within the industry again. So find your perfect music stem created with the best music recording software and hire our online recording studio professionals today.

This new process of DJ stem mixing can become a huge hit. Make sure you’re at the forefront and blast your way to the top in no time. Now the only place to get them is Producer Factory. Hire Session Musicians who have discographies you cannot imagine, who have used the best music recording software and own their own home recording studio to keep your investment reasonably low. Make your own online recordings and stand out even more, but hold on tight, you’re in for a fast climb.

Buy unique stem packs directly from our online recording studio service Studio Musicians

In our store you can browse recording artist profiles and hire Session Musicians for vocal stems, instrument stems and FX stems exclusively for your use. Contact them and using our risk free online recording studio service, initiate a stem project creating the unique and wonderful sound you’re looking for. Such a service is worth it’s weight in gold if you desire to be the best. DJing is tough enough without having to worry about the competition being close on your heels. Shake them up and fly ahead with exclusive and unique stems for your music productions or DJ sets. Studio artists are always difficult to find and pair up with. At Producer Factory you’ll be in safe and capable hands. We’ll make sure the right online recording studio artist is made available to you without any hassle or risk. we also ensure the bet quality only, so rest assured our Studio Artists are using top music recording software and knowledge available.

Using the tools of the best such as top end music recording software is the way to get noticed and to impress your fans. You’re looking to take your hobby to the next level, well don’t ignore the fact that you must stand out for the labels and fans to matter. Make them realise your potential, create a good brand. Establish recognisable and sellable music tracks with unique studio recordings and you’ll be on your way online recording studio professionals are only the best and with your help. Together we can grow to individualise and create unique audio stems to boost the quality of the music industry. So feel free to use our Session Musician section to achieve this.

DJing with exclusive mixing stems

Using exclusive mixing stems within your DJing performances, allows you to create a unique sound by simply adding a signature stem layer to your music tracks being played. Using stem packs allows you to approach DJing differently and remove from known songs some key elements and adding your own signature to the pumping track. Lift the fans off the ground by adding a bassline stem that is unique and special. Slap in some vocal stem made using the best music recording software and our online recording studio artist professionals that hits the right notes for the track being played. Why not let a top quality saxophone recording artist create an exclusive stem for you that only you can then use in your performances. Make yourself heard, create a signature and use DJ Audio Stem Packs built yourself to achieve this. Check out our exclusive music stem online recording studio section now and have one custom made to your preference.

Online recording studio section “Session Musicians” at Producer Factory

To create your own music tracks, this section is a good way to buy layers of vocal stems, drum stems and much more to add that something missing to your music production. It’s also a good idea for music producer beginners to benefit from hiring audio stems and create their own construction kits. Using your individualised stem packs, you can easily create and practice making a song using your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Studio artists are more than capable at creating the best quality recordings for your use.

When buying a ghost production, stems are most likely going to be included, or added into the cart. With new DJ equipment coming into the market offering the ability to mix using audio stems will provide DJs with a method to be more individual and exceptional. This simply returns the skill into DJing and showing that one needs to be musical and track wise to achieve positive results. With the stem packs made by our ghost producers, you’ll be abel to recreate any of our ghost productions by adding any stem made using music recording software to complete the track to your desire. Our recording artists in our Session Musician section will help you here. Simply find the right studio artist for hire and get your exclusive music stem made to your specifications using our online recording studio service.

Why hire a Session Musician instead of buying a sample pack?

The music industry is flooded with thousands of new releases from thousands of various artists a day and this figure is only increasing. How in the mass of releases without being a well-known DJ yourself will you be able to stand out from the crowd and become known? Hire a Session Musician from our online recording studio section who can record vocals or instrument audio stems for your exclusive use to stay unique. Known DJ artists certainly don't have such an issue as their fan base is large enough to accommodate purchasing tracks and moving up the leaderboards to enjoy the chain reaction a chart hit delivers. They also have access to a large database of hits and older music production stems. These can be stripped of the recognisable elements, may it be vocals, instrument melody stems or anything suitable. Top DJs then use these stems made using professional music recording software in their music productions and instantly receive appreciation and success. This is however something that most cannot achieve. Better to spend time to consider how you can reach such a successful level yourself. With help from our online recording studio artist professionals, you do stand a chance.

When hiring a recording artist in our Session Musician section, you may wish to consider bulking the workload together. Why not add a Ghost Producer to the process to help integrate your new exclusive vocal stem into your new ghost production? Producer Factory is becoming a place where you can truly build a team to help you succeed as a DJ. Work with top professionals who work with the best music recording software and have helped Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Britney Spears, Universal Records and many more who you know complete their music. This also includes Ghost Writing that many need help with today. Ghost writing lyrics is no easy thing, but some of our studio artists in our Session Musician online recording studio section can help you here. So hire a Session Musician today and perhaps even a Ghost Producer or Mixing and Mastering Engineer to complete your work and make it ready for release.

Do the best DJs and pop stars use online recording studio services?

Every successful act is adjoined to a major music label, hence this must be the first and most important common denominator between them. Why is then having a major music label so important and what do they do that’s so valuable for the artists? Well, music labels are a group of professional marketers, a collection of connections with companies such as booking agencies, media centres and distribution platforms and recording artists who use the top music recording software available. Some also have their own Publishing Houses. The funds available to large labels for advertising a famous artist are certainly more than substantial. Considering how much a TV advert campaign costs and we all have seen an advert on the TV for a new album by an up and coming, or already famous artist. We’re not just talking thousands, but hundreds of thousands spent. The total advertising platforms consist of the TV, Radio, Magazines and of course the internet. The efforts involved to even initiate such a campaign are admirable and costly. This is just one of the many factors major labels offer their clients along with in-house studios and less online recording studio services. Combine this with our Ghost Producer section and you’ll have a music production online recording studio service that won’t let you down.

The next positive feature would be their techniques used to get the music release on top of the charts. As we’re seeing today, Beatport purchased in 2013 along with many other music industry giants are conglomerating to become a network of monopolistic platforms that can offer these labels an even larger advantage, perhaps even chart manipulation? Some forms of manipulation include buying up extensive amounts of CDs from the stores all over the world in a short period of time to ensure that the music tracks get into the radio charts and nominated for awards. All exposure is branding and although the initial investment is huge, it’s a secure and tested formula. So the main focal point for you as a DJ, singer or artist, is to get on these major labels radar with individual sounds and sellable tracks. Do of course use business sense and an understanding of how to do whatever you can to be the best. Our Session Musicians and Ghost Producers will do their best to help. Now, let’s look at what our online recording studio service can offer to help you get onto radar.

Music productions and the building blocks such as vocal stems made by our recording artists

As a music production is created using various building block track stems, why not integrate some exclusive and unique punchy ones to yours? Talking from personal experience, there is no comparison to live recordings and synthesised melodies, though sometimes synths suit better. For some of my music I employed a professional Session Musician using music recording software to record the violin melody stem I had created with a synth. This worked out better than I ever could have expected or wanted. So for that reason I highly recommend using our online recording studio service to create individual and exclusive elements for your music productions and new releases. If you need any help or assistance in integrating these exclusive elements into your music track, then please don't hesitate to contact us and our Ghost Produces will happily implement the work made by our Session Musician professionals. Perhaps consider our mastering engineers to remaster your audio track? 

Our studio musicians offer exclusive handmade instrument samples fit for your music production

The first group of studio musicians we have to perform live recordings for your music production are instrument session musicians. We are constantly expanding our pool of online recording studio professionals. We have violinists, saxophone, piano, trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, cello, double bass players and many more. Check out our “Session Musician Profiles” section to find the best online recording studio musician for your task and contact them directly. Even if you need multilayer music stems bounced from music recording software, then let us know. Feel free to discuss the project before making a final decision. All are top online music recording studio professionals in their skill set, and hope to help you make that live recorded element that will stick in your fans head all day long. It’s important to employ the best Session Musician and we have the best live recording studio musicians in our Session Musician section ready for you.

Our Session Musician studio artists offer exclusive handmade vocal stems built to your music production

The second group of studio artists we have are vocalists. Everyone knows how male or female vocal stems can really spice up a music production. It’s vital that the vocalist knows the way around top quality music recording software. Finding the right vocal stem for you is close to impossible and takes up much of your time. So what other options does one have? Well using our online recording studio service, you can review a list of vocalists and find the right one for you. We only add the best vocalists possible to our exclusive and unique music stem section. Vocals in sample packs are good, but overused. Try something new and let us make the right vocal stems or layers using music recording software for you.

Find your signature vocalist today and create a theme within your releases. No matter if you’re looking for male vocals or female vocals, our Producer Factory studio artists are here to help. If you need lyrics written as well, then this is certainly possible. Please feel free to find the right vocalist for you by reviewing our “Session Musician Profiles”. You can of course hire a Session Musician by filling out the form or contacting one within their online profile.

Are you looking to become a Studio Musician and recording artist?

Please feel free to contact us here and send us your submission. We’ll happily review your work and consider the best step forward to becoming a valued profile on Producer Factory. Our aim is to improve and grow our team in all the directions possible. If you’re capable of the unusual, then that’s great. If your professional at the norm, then we welcome you with open arms. Let us know your experience using music recording software, a guide to your discography and join Producer Factory today. The fastest growing one-stop music production platform for DJs, recording artists and music producers.

Our Producer Factory Session Musician section is one of many services we can offer you

Our Producer Factory Session Musician section is one of many services we can offer you. All we hope for is that your success will come quick and maybe with help from our community, your goals can be reached even quicker and with a bigger impact. Our Session Musicians use the best music recording software tools and you should use the best in the industry as well, such as Producer Factory. Turn your hobby into a profession or your dream into a reality. We look forward to your project and request and welcome your interest for our online recording studio services.