Sandwich is an exclusive Progressive ghost music production</strong> by B-God.

Sandwich by B-God

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Description by “Sandwich “ Ghost Production

Music producer B-God and his Sandwich is a Progressive ghost production

Sandwich is an exclusive Progressive ghost music production by B-God. Jumping right into the business end of this track, the short intro hardly gives the listener time to adjust to the WOW effect this music production creates. Heavy elements bring out the character of this track right from the beginning. Of course the bridge helps wind down of a few seconds before the punch is bought right back in. Nice electric guitar sounds that all people love pave the way for this track to carve a the charts in half whilst it sits on the top like the kind of the hill. Please enjoy and hit that play button if not done already. It's certainly worth your time.

Comment by Producer Factory

Music producer B-God is certainly one of our top ghost producers. Not only is his constantly fully booked, but the success rate is 100% so far. Any track made by B-God gets the customers 5 star ratings and every customer becomes a returning customer. The worth of having a ghost producer in the quality range B-God represents is infinite. Whilst you concentrate on getting bookings and making money, B-God or any other music producer in our store can create and design your tracks to release. The income generated from the sales of an excellent music track reaching the top charts is huge. This of course doesn't include the bookings you'll get and the experiences you'll live when travelling the word for free!

B-God has managed to achieve brilliant results for himself and his customers. If you're lucky enough to get a slot for a custom ghost production then don't miss the chance to have a track made by the top music producing professionals at Producer Factory. Simply send us your request for a track/producer and we'll do the rest Once all parties are happy with the task, we'll proceed accordingly.

Since joining, B-God has managed to satisfy countless production requests and yours could be next. We hope to hear from you soon and please don't fogey, that only the best make it to the top. With us, you're in the best hands. We have gotten customers signed to their dream labels and the only question left is, when is your turn?