Orchestral dark is a wonderful short creation by Angel Angelov.

Orchestral dark by Angel Angelov

Angel Angelov
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Description by “Orchestral dark “ Ghost Production

Music producer Angel Angelov and Orchestral dark a Movie/Game/TV ghost production Orchestral dark is a

Orchestral dark is a wonderful short creation by Angel Angelov. This rich melodic and deep vibe ghost production is excellent for medieval game or military scenes of battle. Orchestral dark is available as an extended version as per request. Orchestral dark consists of fast flowing strings that energise the surroundings and listener. Perfect for any dramatic episode Orchestral dark stands strong as a feature in ProducerFactory's repertoire. We hope you enjoy the ghost productions in our Movie/Game/TV genre and look forward to assisting you further. Please feel free to contact us with your request and we'll work together to ensure it's success.

Comment by ProducerFactory

AngelAngelov is a very talented musician ready to achieve any live orchestral recording you need. His experienced self has worked with multiple knowledgeable musicians. Pushing the levels of live recording this ghost producer is not only skilled on multiple instruments, he also understands the recording side of this service as well. Excellent melodic layers make this ghost producer stand out. It's one thing creating a melody, but devising a whole orchestral piece is a different ball game. From childhood up, music and instrumental skills have to be a large part of life to achieve such results. Getting then to grips with the ever changing technology and programs is no simple task. It's rare to find an IT literate top class musician who grasps at opportunities such as ProducerFactory has provided. We at producerfactory.com took the time to really handpick ghost producers of top quality. Stumbling across Angel Angelov was a find we weren't expecting. Thrilled at his interest and dedication to his work and passion led us to feel he is one of few we want to be presented on our site. Thankfully his interest peaked when our concept was described and we won a valuable commodity. So from us at ProducerFactory we highly recommend Angel Angelov and his team as your ghost producers for live instrument recordings of any kind. Fit the bill with the best and be surprised at the low cost. Thank you for taking the time to read this snippet of text and we look forward to assisting  you soon.