Ghost production Nitrate is a great RnB ghost production for your vocals.

Nitrate by DeXound

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Description by “Nitrate “ Ghost Production

Music producer Dexound and Nitrate a RnB ghost production

Ghost production Nitrate is a great RnB ghost production for your vocals. High quality tracks such as Nitrate made by skilled music producers are a great tool to base your vocals on. If Nitrate isn't quite fitting to your style then simply describe your idea and we'll get it made for you. Have full control over the production of your track. You will receive demos with the ability comment and guide the making in the direct you want. All our ghost producers at ProducerFactory are here to help you and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, please enjoy Nitrate.

Comment by ProducerFactory

Music producer DeXound is a wonderful ghost producer to call our own. We're lucky to have found DeXound and convince him to join our ProducerFactory team. Though this wasn't very difficult we still see this as an achievement due to his excellent music production skills. DeXound has many great examples in our store. Of course any special request is certainly possible to achieve. We at ProducerFactory happily accept any custom made track requests and DeXound is one of our top producers in the Movie/Game/TV genre. By only choosing top quality and diverse ghost productions have we managed to filter out the best from the rest. DeXound is a catch of one from many as are all our producers. Enthusiastic, motivated and strong in a wide range of music styles. Being effective and knowledgeable in a large array of music hardware and software is important. This allows ProducerFactory and our ghost producers such as DeXound to achieve top results for all customers. Our experts are here at anytime to assist with your request. Please always feel free to contact our team and we'll do what we do best. Thank you for listening to one of many great sounds on ProducerFactory. We look forward to assisting you with your ghost music production soon.