Music production service for you

  Music production services help push a DJ career as far as it can go. You cannot by any means accommodate success when sitting in a studio working on music tracks. There is so much out there to be done and so little tiem to do it in. Tasks such as marketing and turning up to bookings are only two. True success comes with a competent service team and we are here to provide you with the music production and even marketing side of. At Producer Factory we sell tracks exclusively and anonymously that include the sales rights. This allows you to increase your music portfolio and release rate, which keep your fans entertained and true to your name or alias. Using this music production service will allow you to gain inspiration, refresh your style and also fill in the gaps needed to complete your set or album when as usual, time is not a plentiful commodity. All tracks are provided by ghost producers who are also willing to recreate, redesign and of course create a music trackfor you from scratch. All our producers are loyal, professional and ready to assist you with any production request you may have. Become more efficient and effective with our music production service for your employers to notice. And of course let's not forget the fans. They are your fans who come to see you perform and prefer to purchase your music tracks when original, top quality and individual. So why not concentrate on getting bookings, marketing and employed with the best Label you can and let us focus on getting you the music tracks to make this happen?  

Purchasing a track FAQs

  Q: "If I buy a track, will it be removed from the shop?" A: All tracks in our store are available for purchase and once completed, it's removed entirely giving you exclusive rights to this track. Q: "What can I do with this music track after I have purchased it?" A: You can once purchased, use it as your own within distribution platforms and receive the income generated from selling the track under your own alias or name. The track can be integrated into your DJ live-sets to be played and entertain your fans. You are also welcome to use it in advertisement and videos. Q: "Where can I download the music track?" A: If the purchase has successfully gone through, then you will receive an email containing the download link of the track WAV file. Using the link provided, you'll begin the download process directly from our server. Q: "Can I get the stems and midi with the track for remixing?"A: Receiving the stems and midi for remixing a track is certainly possible. I recommend asking before buying so perhaps we can integrate them into the price accordingly saving you money, but either way many producers offer these files if requested for free to their customers.



Custom made track ghost production and remix song service

  As one of our music production services we offer ghost productions and remixes designed and created from scratch to your specifications by our top of the range producers. Our primary skills lie in the genres Techno, Minimal, Tech-house, Deep-house, House and Progressive. If you have any questions or requests then please feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost best to accommodate your requirements. Do please feel free to read more in our detailed Custom track section. Our posted tracks can also be altered to your needs at your request e.g. vocals you recorded can be added and re-mastered using our editing services. We happily can also offer very affordable masteringfrom £50 to suit your budget and needs.  

Custom track FAQs

  Q: "How much does a custom track or remix cost to produce?" A: The answer to this question really depends on the type of request. Our producers have been intelligently selected to encompass a wide range of budgets to effectively gain the best results for your investment in our music production service. The costs vary between a remix and a custom ghost production made to your specifications. Of course it's clear that not all budgets generate the same results. World class studio productions require a higher budget input already, simply due to the use of high-end equipment. The person operating the equipment also varies in value due to their locational surroundings and level of education and experience in this industry. Music producers for the largest names require payments of tens of thousands to complete a track suitable for the alias's brand. We also have excellent producers who are in their prime and have not yet produced for the larger names, which skyrocket the production price instantly allowing you as a customer to achieve top results for a tenth of the price. It certainly wasn't an easy task at the beginning choosing the producers we have for our music production and remix service, but now with a steady flow of applicants, we can really create a health competition internally to ensure all bases are covered for you as a customer. Q: "What rights do I get with a custom track or remix?" A: The tracks and remixes purchased via the Producer Factory music production services include the rights to sell the track in any distribution platform. Can use it useduring live performances as well as advertisement and video production. You can sell the track and use the music production under your alias as agreed by the producers before joining. Q: "How long does a production of a ghost production ot remix take to complete?" A: Depending on the type of request, the timeline to complete a track or remix varies on average between one to four weeks. The variation derives from factors such as, does the track require vocals, how many alterations are made to achieve the end result, how busy and inspired the producer is overall. Inspiration seems not to be an issue as we have experienced, this would greatly effect the quality of our productions and any lack of inspiration would not be welcome in our ghost producer pool. Q: "Can you guarantee results from this service?" A: This is always tough to answer and it really depends on the context it arrives in. A guarantee that you'll be accepted by a label is not given, but all I can say is that with persistence, an excellent track and selling skills, then everything is possible. I have seen it happen again and again with customers of Producer Factory. Some are so close to making it big and then their energy is depleted and they fail. On the flip scale some keep going through storms and never let it phase them and they always succeed. I always welcome any contact with people who are struggling or just want to share some news about their progress. Certainly, I'll be available to vent some frustration to and I'll always do my best to motivate you again. This music production service is not just a job for us, it's a passion and we're here to support you reaching your dream job. Another side to this question could be interpreted as, can we guarantee that the project will be of top quality and in the style requested? Yes, we certainly can do that. The examples given before beginning a project is the basis for the choice of producer and the task quote. The whole planning is based around your request in depth and that can only lead to one result and that is satisfaction. There are times when a producer becomes very passionate about the production and feels a different vibe arising, most of these times when realised actually bring the best results if you as a customer let the producer have a bit of free reign. All producers at the music production service Producer Factory are artists and being artistic requires a degree of freedom to make the best out of an expectation. Of course if it is way off and not to your liking, then we'll scrap that and start again. Just please remember that masterpieces aren't usually made using strict guidelines or mathematical formulae. Some would certainly disagree with this last comment and they are right, but I'm just mentioning it from ProducerFactory's experience and personal opinion. I hope these questions and answers have helped you get a better picture of this music production service section and thank you for your interest. Producer Factory looks forward to working with you soon.



Marketing and our packages service

  Producer Factory understands how important it is to market your track correctly and also how difficult it is to do so. We have over 7 years of experience in this field and have provided service to our dedicated fan base and partners of over 12'000 individuals in the music industry. It has taken effort and time, but now we are confident in our abilities to offer you a respectable, effective and affordable service. Social media services and internet marketing services are two of our specialities and we offer many packages to help you rise above the rest. Check out our Social Marketing or simply contact us and ask for more info on our package service deals. Whatever you require whether it is Facebook likes, Soundcloud downloads, YouTube views, Twitter retweets and many more, we can help. We can also personalise a package for you, as not everyone wants the same service. Perhaps you would like to start small and see how it works and if we can help you? So don't hesitate any longer with pushing your DJ career as far as it can go and contact us now. Thank you for reading about our marketing section service and we hope to have captivated your interest, as well as we look forward to helping you in any possible way. Are you looking to advertise your new album or release? Perhaps you are interested in getting 10'000's of impressions through EDM forums for your website or EP? We can help you using our advertisment community that is ever growing.  Assisting you with a banner placement and design is the tip of the iceberg of this service. Our marketing team can get you the best results for great prices. Do please feel free to contact us and request more info even if you're just looking for a logo.


Marketing FAQs

  Q: "What can ProducerFactory do to market my DJ alias and adjoined music?" A: Firstly we require detailed expectations that should be achieved from any marketing campaign. Then of course the budget and some time to figure out the best option for you. To promote your alias, I seriously recommend a well made website covering all aspects of your alias may it be social fan pages, links to your productions, a gallery of events or methods for employers to book you directly online, giving you the option to choose and plan your months ahead. Then I'd recommend advertising this website within Google and other forums. Us being provided specialist tools from Google directly is only one of the major benefits of using us as your source of expert marketing services. We can make animated banners or a simple album banner to spread to the targeted audience for increased recognition and sales. All this is easy for us to do with these methods we use and this of course keeps the cost low. Feel free to ask us about a plan and then compare us to other providers and see for yourself how much more effective we are in utilising your budget. The more you do with us, the better our understanding is of your situation and the cheaper our service becomes. Q: "How much should I spend on a marketing campaign?" A: It simply comes down to the facts of the campaign itself and the goals to be reached. Marketing is used by all as an investment designed solely to get returns and profit higher than the original investment. To achieve this a detailed plan must be made, goals must be set and it has to be identified if the budget given or a budget suggested by you will accommodate the completion of these goals. I don't think that branding is your goal, but bringing home actual hard earned profit is. We don't accept marketing requests if they don't seem reasonable or achievable. Of course we can only talk from experience and sometimes we are surprised at the level of success we draw from a campaign, but we'll be honest and upfront to you about the plan you have, or we have made to market yourself using the provided budget. Q: "What should I focus on when deciding what marketing service is best for me?"A: Focus is required when defining the goals at hand. Think about what you want to achieve and work backwards. Of course we'll help with this and as mentioned in the question above, it's the goals and budget we need to identify the most optimal method and service of marketing you or your products.



Website development service:

  Ever thought about developing a website? It's so important to have an individual platform where you can present yourself and your music, as well as having the possibility of employers finding you. We can integrate booking forms, contact forms and calendars displaying your up and coming events. We can help you avoid ridiculous quotes, offer you the best service from our website programming partners Hidden Brains and Webgoliath who easily and effectively can assist you with any request you may have. With us there are no hidden problems, no lack of quality and certainly no tediousness. Simply request a quote, fill in a simple form and we'll do the rest. We will manage the project for you with the least amount of work saving you money, this is achieved by long term relationships with each partner being built and us knowing exactly what they need to get going. We always keep the price low as we understand the tricks of the trade, and considering musicians have a hard enough time earning money, we want to support your projects and help as best we can in making the most out of the disposable income you have. We could have you online in a few days, easily. Getting the whole package of websites, marketing and teamwork from one source is revolutionary for musicians, producers and DJ's. It's vital to have the right partner who understands the business and also the importance of keeping the costs low. Just begin by contacting us and we'll get you online and functioning right away with our website development service.


Website development FAQs

  Q: "How much does a website cost to make?" A: It all depends on the effort involved. A large and effective website with a calendar and a booking form, as well galleries for photos or videos require more work than an info site with just a picture and text. It's always tough making the decision to spend money on something you're not sure what to do with, but that's why we and our partners are here to help. We offer milestone payments and for our Swiss customers we offer renting of websites, but the main concern is always the price. I would say that without a logo and complexities, the cost would be around £299 upwards. The cost of a top end website with a logo would be greater of course. Again there are not fixed figures I can publish to assist and it's best just contacting us and we'd go from there offering you an accurate quote for the task. Q: "How long does it take to get my website online?" A: Development timelines vary according to the type of website required. We could get it done in a few days, or a few weeks normally. Of course you would like to have it online representing yourself asap and in full understanding we'll do our best to comply to any deadlines agreed upon before beginning. Q: "Where should I host my website?" A: We also offer hosting services for your newly made site and we can arrange your URL for you as well. Basically with us it's a pay and get done process without any headaches or concerns. It's all quite easy for us and we'll just get it done for you without delay. Q: "Once my website is complete, will I find it in Google?" A: Our development can optionally include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and after the site has been completed we can consider an AdWords campaign, again using our specialist tools provided by Google themselves. If you want to be found, we'll get you found. For further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact usand we'll be happy to help in anyway we can.



Publishing House service

  Producer Factory has set up it's own Publishing House service for anyone interested in receiving their well deserved royalties for their releases. Why not benefit from a less complicated and fresh minded company that provides you with top service and no restrictions or guidlines to follow? We simply allow you to use the Publishing House at your discretion. You will then automatically receive the income you deserve with no strings attached. It's free to join and easy to use. Please contact us if you're interested.



Promo Pool service

  Our Promo Pool service allows you to share your track with the world. Simply pass over your track for only £99 to the top labels in the music industry and receive feedback from the best DJ's. Let the best play your track at large events to increase recognisability. This tool will help you evolve in your production skills and increase awareness towards you and your music. You never know, your track might be played at the next big festival. All participents in the Promo Pool are excited to receive your tracks. They are always looking for new hits and yours might be the newest one. Don't miss out on this great opportunity, so give it a try today!     Music Genres sitemap   Downbeat     Dubstep       Electro       Electro-step      House       Deep House      Tech house      Minimal     Movie/Game/TV     Progressive    Techno      Trance   Video sitemap    Video Trailer   Services sitemap   Social Marketing      Ghost production / Remix      Contact us   Relevant blog threads   Our customers get signed to major labels!   Remix stems recommended for remixing   Remix 2014 Joris Voorn and Wankelmut write about Producer Factory   Why use our ghost production and remix service?   Music producers offer DJs individuality