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How to get a record deal with our 360 label release package

How to get a record deal is a question that arises within every DJ career. To get a record deal can be a tough process. With the supply of music being at an all-time high, record labelsignore most attempts by DJs to get a record deal. The only way to secure a record release is by delivering outstanding quality that stands out. A reason why many of our customers use our general services such as the custom ghost production and remix service. In addition, it’s worth having contacts that can get you a record deal. This is what our 360° Package is for.;

During our time online, we have established a network capable of releasing on big record labels. As with the best DJs today, a team manages the DJ name brand. To level the playing field, our aim has always been to remove exclusively of operation and offer the same chances to all DJs. Our 360° Package negates the question about how to get a record deal, as we can arrange this for you.

Select the 360 Package to suit your DJ career

Our package allows you to select which option best suits your DJ career. You can choose between a co-release or solo release and which level of A-C list record labels you’re interested in. A-list record labels will carry the highest and most valuable exposure, whilst C-list record labels are smaller and less prominent, but all are certainly worth releasing on. Even some of our C-list selection has networked in radio coverage for your single or EP release.  

You’re also welcome to upgrade this single track package to an EP or album. For these upgrades we kindly ask you contact our support team for more advice and information. Don’t let the chance for a guaranteed big label record release pass you by.

In addition to the above points, the cover is included, paperwork prepared along with the planned release date.

Guarantee: If you don’t get a release on the designated music label during the process, you will receive your money back.

We look forward to working with you on your new high exposure record company release soon! Let the question about how to get a record deal be resolved through our new 360° Package.

If you would like to inform yourself more about some key points, please refer to our blog, or the 360° Package information page. There you can contact our customer service directly.