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Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools

Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools
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Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools

Learning to make your own electronic music is no easy task. There are so many paths to consider and so many ways to be led astray. Music producing requires an artistic character, imaginative personality and a person with solid amounts of endurance and capacity for learning. If you feel you don't have any one if these, then it's best to leave music production be.

Looking into the mass of courses online, 3 music production schools really stand out. We'll take a look at each in a moment as a brief post to help you on your way to achieving your goal.

As with every hobby, investments have to me made. When it comes to music production, these startup costs are usually much higher than for example DJing alone.

So, what do you need to start producing music?

1. A computer with a good sound card and processing bank. Making your own music is an intensive process for a PC or Mac, so make sure you're up to date there.

2. Take your time to find the right DAW for you. You'll find lovers and haters for all options, ignore them and choose the one that feels right. Watch video tutorials and simply get to know the interface of your new DAW, whether it's Logic Pro X or Ableton Live 10.

3. Now you need some electronic music production hardware. Perhaps a Virus synthesizer, the Maschine 2.0, or a good quality Moog is on the table as an option. Either way, start small first as the key aspect is getting to know your DAW.

4. Once you've settled in your new home music studio, make sure you've got your studio monitors setup correctly. You can lose a lot of quality and detail sat in a sound wave cancellation point. This will distort your judgement and that's something you must trust when producing music.

5. Now comes the grind and as ever, practicing is the key. In addition, treat yourself to some learning tools. Here's where we can help.

Find the right school and music production course for free

Every make your own, or how to tutorial developer is different and choosing the right one is not easy. This is why we have created a make your own music tutorial section that allows you to learn many basics and details, get to know the courses available and find exactly what you need for free.

Free video courses are available for your review and you won't have to pay a penny to watch as many as you want. Our aim is for beginner music producers to have a kickstart in finding the right path to take. Money is scarce and can be better invested than in the wrong course. Our service gives you a chance to review and discuss the courses available in our forums. Learn new tricks and techniques without any cost at all.

Why not simply YouTube them? Well, you probably don't know they exist and we've filtered out all the ones from the masses of options available and categorised it accordingly. This way you can batch watch your niche production section and get through more content quicker.

After learning for free it's time to go pro and we recommend 3 top music production schools

In no particular order, they're listed below.

1. Sonic Academy
2. Point blank
3. Loopmasters

Good luck with your ventures. We hope this post and our free make your own music course section will get you started. Thanks for reading and please share and comment, or discuss in our music production forums.