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What Software do you need to produce music?

What Software do you need to produce music?
By 9 February 2016 417 Views No comments

As a music producer, it's key to start off with the right software for your needs. The first purchase you'll do is for the right DAW best suited to your genre e.g. House, Tech House, Deep House etc.

Which DAW should you choose?

Well there are many helpful posts about the pros and cons of each DAW available to date, but we recommend focusing first on a top 10 selection first. This should give you a good idea about which DAW to choose.

What should you consider when choosing a DAW?

The main big two factors are suitability of the interface to your needs and also plugin compatibility. If you're looking to make your own specific style of music, then you most likely know which plugins you'll need. Perhaps you purchased a track from us and got the plugin list along with the file delivery. Either way, now you're kitted out to check the compatibility of these Plugins with each DAW. This will help you narrow down from perhaps 3 to 1.

But back to the first remark about the interface. Remember that you will have to work in the DAW you choose. It's all up to you if the setup suits you, every DAW has its drawbacks and amazing features.

So if you're starting off producing music, then pick the DAW that will keep you in your studio the longest. Overtime every DAW will become your friend, so don't be fearful of changing. The switch is never as much work as you think. Nowadays, all are slowly converging on a couple of concepts, so as long as it's in the same segment, you'll get it quick.

Good luck and check out some tutorials here, or discuss in our forums. If you're looking for a track completion, then our ghost producers and mastering engineers are here to help.