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What is a&r | Artist and Repertoire | Contacts

What is a&r | Artist and Repertoire | Contacts
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"What is A&R?", is a common question within the music industry. A&R is the division of a record label or music publishing house that takes care of any music submissions by new DJs and they look after existing signed artists. It's kind of the human resources section for everyday companies.

If you're asking what is A&R, then it's safe to say you're hoping to get signed to a record label. Getting a substantial record deal is key to kick starting or relaunching your DJ career. All our customers are hoping for this breakthrough and thankfully we've helped many achieve their goal or beat their expectations with our two services. Either via bulk mailing suitable record label A&R contacts in your genre, or by acquiring a guaranteed release package to get on a top record music label of today.

Most have the trouble that they wait for replies by the A&R department and get fed up with the delayed responses. What is A&R dealing with? Well it's a huge influx of junk by artists who think their music rocks, but they actually can't hold a flame to professionally produced tracks. For this reason, DJ producers ask us to remake or rework their tracks to sound professional. Our ghost producers are happy to take on these requests and then change what is needed on the mastering side of things to suit the record label once interest is shown by the A&R department.

What is A&R doing taking so long? How best to get contacted by them

What A&R does is filter out the rubbish from their incoming demo submissions. Their task is to narrow down the options for acceptance. Why don't the A&R department just accept everyone?

Well they would if all were good. As said earlier, some submissions are worse than bad and have no value to them at all. Others are midrange and if it's a slow month for the record label, may be accepted. The value of giving a release deal for the label has to meet their threshold. This level is matched up to what they offer the DJ and what the DJ can offer the record label. Let's take a look at an example.

Imagine an A&R contact receives a demo submission by a DJ with 100 followers and 1 release a year that didn't get much market recognition at all. Would you accept this DJ even if the track was above average?

Now imagine a DJ with 5000 followers and 2 releases per month that got an above average response with a decent track. Would you allow this DJ into your record label?

What is A&R looking for? Picking out the key feature of a submission; the A&R team are looking at previous releases on Beatport, average release rate, previous signings, production quality and style, branding and followers.

When you contact an A&R representative, then check through these factors and see where you need work done. If you're happy with your submission info, then go ahead.