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What is an EP and how can I make, sell and release one?

What is an EP and how can I make, sell and release one?
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An EP is a bundle of around 3 tracks made by a single music producer or multiple artists. These are a preferred choice of many DJs out there, as 3 songs is always better that a single one. EPs are regularly found on platforms like Beatport and iTunes. The costs of an EP vary greatly and is largely dependant on the distribution agencies and record labels.

Have you ever wanted to have your own EP released on a major record label company, but wonders how to achieve this? Had the thought, how can I produce an EP let alone sell it and release it? Well it's quite simple really, Producer Factory offers DJs the chance to use the tricks of the best and buy a 360° Package. Following the trend of the great DJs of today, you can now get your own team working with and for you. There's so much to cover yourself, but if you're serious in having a release on a major music label, then now's your chance. It's never been more simple.

How can I get my own EP produced and released on a major record company?

There are a few steps you need to check first before releasing an EP on a large independent record label.

Step 1: do you have a DJ website? If not, consider making one right away. We can help and add it to your 360° Package if you want. Just contact us and we'll get things started.

Step 2: is your social media presence legit and up to scratch? If not, again don't worry. We can help and assist in your custom package deal.

Step 3: contact us! Do it now as we have just released this section and are already into a 2 week waiting period.

Once all these steps are completed, you'll be in contact with out support staff and we'll begin building your custom 360° Package to suit your DJ career. Everyone is unique and that is what our world class service offers, individuality.

What is this package and will it help me be a famous DJ?

The 360 Package includes the following items as standard.

1. Single or EP production - you will receive the master wav and remix stems as standard.

2. Guaranteed big music label release - the ghost producer will make the track along the specifications made by the record label.

3. Release and sales - the artwork and info will be sent to you prior the release so you can prepare a marketing strategy to your fans. The more you sell, the higher you climb. You will earn all sales income if it's a solo release, or accurately split if co-released.

Yes you read it right. Why struggle with learning to produce music and contacting hundreds of labels with a half professional track? You have two options to rise.

A: Hire a music producer to make your beats for you.

B: Get a whole team behind you, who guarantee a release.

The choice is yours, but in the music industry, we recommend aggression and assertive behaviour. Only being clear cut can you succeed. Let our top DJs, music producers and record labels show you the way.

NOTE: This 360° Package is only for those committed to change and ready to act on their chance to become a pro DJ.

We look forward to working with you.