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What is a music producer?

What is a music producer?
By 9 February 2016 450 Views No comments

A thousand people a month ask this question in Google alone. So let's take a look at "what is a music producer?" and try to explain what that job title entails.

Here at Producer Factory, we have under contract over 60 music producers who help our clients looking for Ghost Producers to boost their release portfolio. As common as this process is within the EDM industry, many DJs try to teach themselves the art of music production. But what is a music producer?

A music producer is someone who creates their own sounds using plugin modification for example and elements individually, or stocks them from sample libraries and then composes on various devices the main mix down. This mix is then finalised with tweaks and further added sounds to create the final music track.

Usually this isn't quite the end, as there's one final step called mastering. In the correct term, the music producer would now become a Mastering Engineer.

This step is something many attempt themselves and can be the source of all problems regarding overall balance and power. It's best if you're a beginner to leave this to the professionals like Beachslap.

Becoming a music producer is however financially and time consuming. Let's take a look at why in our post about What Hardware does a music producer need and what Software do you need to produce music.

Overall, being a music producer is highly valued in the industry, but it truly depends how you then put your skills into play.

Many choose to sell their tracks, others try to struggle it alone. Just remember one thing, teamwork always prevails regarding efficiency and this is key to then optimising the use of the more valuable commodity as a producer. Time.

However you go about it, we wish you the best of luck and hope tutorials, our forums and blog posts can help you along.