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What Hardware does a music producer need?

What Hardware does a music producer need?
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A home studio of a music producer requires many Hardware components to make beats. First one must research the right music production equipment for the chosen genre.

Here's an example list:

Synthesizer - a highly recommend synth is the Virus TI that costs around £1'700

Beat maker - one of the best brands are Akai, or simply the Machine 2.0. This costs around £200

MIDI controller - a must have that can cost around £260

DAW controller - For Ableton Live for £400

Studio monitors - an ok pair can out you back £279

Subwoofer - costing around £349

Computer - an up to date model capable of processing the production can set you back £600

Audio interface - costs around £159

This is already and investment. To just get setup with excellent equipment and you haven't even started producing yet or purchased your Software array.

Many ask what is a music producer, but few consider what it entails becoming one. If your highly talented with a musical ear, then don't let any of this get in your way, but if your simply wanton to release tracks and think you'll give it a go without full commitment, then stop here. We have ghost producers you can hire to produce multiple EPs for the same investment and you'll have the best quality from day one.

Overall, music production is a lifestyle and even the initial steps of finding and buying your hardware is something that can stop people in their tracks.

If you choose to embark on becoming a music producer, then we wish you best of success and hope our hand picked tutorial section can help kickstart your career.