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What does EDM (Electronic Dance Music) stand for?

What does EDM (Electronic Dance Music) stand for?
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Definition of EDM is Electronic Dance Music. This is a key term within the electronic music industry. For a decade, EDM has run wild within the business and began to fill in gaps of other longer lasting and dying genres. Electronic dance music began to find its way into hip hop and other genres slowing down such as electro house and house. Admittedly, house is recent, but the effect has been the same.

I'll never forget watching the first hip hop music video in conjunction with EDM before I even realised what was happening. Suddenly Snoop Dogg was in a music video with David Guetta bopping oddly with his headphones on. At first glance I was nearly crying with laughter, as I honestly thought David Guetta was an actor putting on the dumb white boy image as a joke by Snoop Dogg and his video production team. However it didn't take long to realise that this David Guetta was apparently a real DJ and not fictional. I had to close my jaw in disbelief as the new era of merging genres into EDM began.

Electronic dance music and where it's heading

No one can say for sure, but EDM is evolving into the tech house and future house genres. Being as commercial as electronic dance music has become, EDM will soon wrap up its core elements and merge with another music genre. It seems to just be a leech for other genres and sucking up the best bits to combine into a mind numbing and powerful hit track.

EDM is exciting and ready to move and progress. It's fast paced and if you DJ, it's best to hold on tight and cover the next step as best as possible. Following major record label dictated trends is the key to quick success.

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