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What do our online music producers ask us?

What do our online music producers ask us?
By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 325 Views No comments

What do our online music producers ask us?

We have a range of talented online music producers and we cover many music styles and genres in our ghost production section. From all the possible scenarios, there’s always with each new online music producer turned ghost producer accepted a new twist or question. Let’s have a look at the more frequently asked points when joining our service and how do some online audio producers get further than others.

How much business does your music production company get?

music producers who can live off their earnings without having to gain extra income, and we have comparatively lazy producers who don’t care and that is reflected in the results of custom work or tracks to be sold. Though quality is good, that’s not everything. It’s also presentation and modern style of music for the DJ today.

From what we’ve experienced, those who post a single track and hope that someone will like it, has it slow going, but we’ve had exceptions. Others who post a lot without much care to detail, simply seemed to get ignored and don’t manage to build a customer base. Those who are very successful are the ones who put their skill and knowledge into each production and their profile to make it sellable and also have a wide range of productions, from which they then focus on the successful style. Every producer has a signature style in each genre. Some sell loads in one genre, but less in another. Others don’t even have their tracks go into the store as they are pre-ordered by our top clients. It’s a community you have to find your place to fit in and as we only offer the best, then make sure you are the best :)

So my recommendation is to focus now onyour successful style for a track or two. Then try something else. That style was successful for a couple of clients actually, but then find the segment others are looking for. It’s a game as all business is and you just need to play it right. Due to individuality in production, it’s close to impossible to define the ultimate formula or strategy. Make your own way here and build yourself up over time. All our visitors are potential customers and a huge amount are returning customers as well. So don’t underestimate the market.

How many ghost productions can I sell?

You’re welcome to sell as many ghost productions as you want, just simply ensure they are top quality and always appropriate for the DJ market today. DJ name generating using ghost productions is a common task and our online music producers have to uphold a good level of quality when trying to sell ghost productions. All music tracks we sell are exclusive, so make sure you keep your portfolio full and rich with variety. Of course focusing on the preferred ghost production styles is a task our online music producers must adapt to over time.

What should I put in my online music producer profile known as a Ghost Producer profile?

Well keeping in mind that this is your window to your abilities and skills, it’s important to ensure that you place in the DAWs you use and the genres you work in. For custom music productions, it’s important that your online music producer profile can provide the information any DJ may need when reviewing. We have the options to upload mp3 demos to show off your best music producing moves and highly recommend using this feature. As many of our lazy and less ambitious online music producers use this function, your ghost producer profile will stand out from the rest.

How many DJs do you have a day visiting your music website?

We of course cannot say how many DJs we have visiting our music website, but the number of ambitious and creative customers we have who return regularly is extraordinary. We’re proud at how many DJ names, both well known and lesser known use our ghost producing services. So your music producer profile online needs to be setup for the masses and your ghost production portfolio must comply with the needs of our customers. That’s the only way you will manage to make a lot of money from using our ghost production service.

Do I sell my DAW project file as well? What about remix stems?

The options when uploading a ghost production simply give you the chance to add extra files to the product. These files can be sold for an extra fee, or given away for free, included in the original price of the ghost production. It’s up to you really. The files many look for are the following:

  1. Master WAV bounce is a must
  2. DAW project file is very beneficial and whether it’s Ableton, FL studio, Logic pro, Sonar, Cubase or any other DAW, our customers do like the opportunity to add this to their list. It’s up to you how you wish to proceed with the ghost production upload.
  3. Radio Edit, many want this and would be happy to pay a bit extra. It’s up to you if you wish to add it, remember it makes your product more attractive and easier to find.
  4. Unmastered WAV. We highly recommend this, as some have their own mastering techniques and may even choose to use our online mixing and mastering service to get the most for them out of the ghost production purchased.
  5. Remix stems are always along with the MIDI files a great idea to include in any purchase of an exclusive music track. We then also don’t have to bother you via email and can simply hand these files out ourselves. Quick and efficient sales are the best way to proceed.
  6. Any other idea you wish to utilise, e.g. a tutorial sheet or extended version of the WAV file.

All the above except the master bounce are up to you. It’s your choice if you wish to proceed as described above, but the more you offer, the higher the chance of a good sale via our music production website. So keep your online music producer profile rich and healthy.

How do I sell music productions on your online service?

It’s very easy. If you’re good enough, you’ll get accepted. Then simply create an online music producer profile in our ghost producer section and you’re ready to go. Add product for our ghost production genres and begin making money right away. Just don’t forget that many requests are remix requests and custom ghost production requests. So prepare to accept stem packs and promote your services correctly.

Can I contact the DJ names?

You won’t ever get to know them. All communications are filtered through us and hence you’re not able to get in personal contact with the DJ names who use our services online. The same will be for your online music producer profile name and hence honesty and working together smoothly is the best way forward. So, get setup and sell your online music productions today.