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Vocal samples | How to make music productions unique

Vocal samples | How to make music productions unique
By Producer Factory 27 June 2015 1232 Views No comments

Vocal samples are used by many producers in their music productions to add that final recognisable feature to their song. Many music producers use samples for various categories to complete their tracks and newest release.

Vocal samples are one of the most sought after type of samples out there. This is a main reason why we use a free vocal sample pack as an attractive reason to sign up to our newsletter. The Electronic Art of Voice is a bestseller and topped the sales charts on multiple sample stores. We think that providing it for free to our customers is a nice gesture. You can get your top quality vocal sample pack as well.

Our Producer Factory has been smeared by people thinking we care little about the music industry and we’re simply a track mass producing machine. Unfortunately for them, our techniques and motivations along with passion for music have simply proven them to be wrong. Some proof against their other comment that "we’re money hungry", is simply that we spend our income on improving our concept, offering freebies and advertising for our handpicked Ghost Producers.

Our offering of vocal samples within the EDM music genres is simply a thank you for visiting, taking interest and wishing you well on your production quests. Our ghost music producers use these vocal samples and many more to complete their ghost productions.

We have customers arriving at Producer Factory with new requests, remix stems in hand. Sending us layers of sounds that suit your style and project is a great way to lower the music production cost and retain the result you expect from our ghost production services.

How can you integrate vocal samples?

How to integrate vocal samples is something that takes practice working with the EQ channels. You must structure your track accordingly to fit the vocals and vica versa. Ensuring that the BPM and key of your music production is correct, you can then slice the vocals into bits to be placed as you wish. Simply layer the vocals over the music instrumental to see if it fits.

Vocal WAV files are tricky to manipulate if you’re new to it. I remember for private use uploading favourite rap tunes to a program called Wavlab. From these tracks, I’d slice out bits without any vocals on it and piecing them together to create an instrumental version. Mistakes result in click sounds and unnatural vocals. It’s important to work accurately and carefully, or else you’ll end up in a very frustrating situation. But this is beside the point as it's the reverse of this actual topic, so let's get back to focusing on adding vocals.

Overall it all comes down to how integrating vocal samples best can suit you. Perhaps you can’t find any vocal samples out there that best fit your needs. You can of course hire a vocalist to record original custom vocals via our new up and coming Session Musician section.

You can use this section to create your own individualised and original tracks components without having to use common sample packs that are available for everyone. Admittedly, upon releasing Electronic Art of Voice to the masses for free, I have heard many tracks with the vocal samples integrated. Especially within the Psy-Trance genre. It’s very attractive having the options to hire vocalists to create original vocal samples for your new track.

With an array of female vocalists and male vocalists, the options are endless. Female vocals are often very sought after. Whatever your heart desires, you can find it here at the new Producer Factory.

Female vocal samples

Female vocal samples are often a favourite for DJs nowadays. Our ghost producers love to use them in their new music productions. When a customer sends us information about the track they desire, along with female vocal samples, then it’s clear we are going to have a brilliant music track at the end of this.

Female vocals add something energetic to a music production. It can in the form of creating a sexy atmosphere, or a high energy one. Pumping beats and clear cut melodies best suit female vocals.

Male vocal samples

Male vocal samples are well sought after also. We’ve experienced this during our time online sharing a best selling vocal sample pack for free. We’ve had many downloads and Newsletter signups, who then have become customers after understanding the benefits we provide our DJ clients.

We have multiple statements and customer reviews from clients who have been more than happy with our service. I recently posted on online in our blog for all to read. Male vocals are used in more bass driven music productions and with a lower melody.

The higher the pitch of the melody, the higher the pitch of the vocals to suit it. Some of course manipulate the music production well to encompass low and high pitch vocals with alternate pitch melodies, but the common is as stated.

Free vocal sample packs

Free vocal sample packs are rare. We exclusively hold the rights to our Electronic Art of Voice and happily provide these vocal samples for your use for free. Free vocals are welcome and we’ll continue to provide them along with other music samples for free in the future if signed up to the newsletter, along with offers and deals.

So, enjoy our free vocal sample pack and enjoy using our new services to custom make your vocals to your desire, whether female or male. If you need effects placing over these, then we’re also here to help with the entire music production process. Focus on being a DJ and let us focus on getting your the vocal samples and music productions you need to boost your EDM career.