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Why use our ghost production service?

Why use our ghost production service?
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1. We always will do our absolute best to achieve your request, or your money back. Our Ghost Producers are motivated and hand-picked to ensure we never miss your target track using our custom ghost production service.

2. We always take our time to really analyse your request before providing you with a final quote.

3. Only if we are satisfied enough that we can help you get the high quality music track you’re looking for will we initiate the project.

Become a part of and benefit from the fastest growing ghost production site in the world. Thousands of customers have taken the step and if you want something done right, then please contact us today.

How do we define the cost of your ghost production request?

1. Music studio standard of the producer in question.

2. Level of quality and standard of the music ghost producer.

3. How versatile the producer is to manage difficult and complex music production requests.

4. Risk assessments from previous projects. The less you pay, the more risk due to a lack of consistency from the producer. We have EDM ghost producers with a 100% success rate and we also have EDM music producers with a lower success rate devaluing their service.

5. The hourly fee defined by the ghost producer him or herself.

The budget to be used for a custom ghost production is up to you, but as with all products in any market, you get what you pay for and if we think you're expectations are too high, then we won't accept the project request. It's just too important for us to provide our customers with exactly what they want with no compromise of music production quality.

There are enough pirate ghost producers out there and we don't need to become a part of that ever growing list. So, please understand if you're of the few we turn away, it's just with no realistic plan, we can't proceed. We have many excellent tracks in our store for low low prices and if it's just over your budget, then please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to get the track you want for a suitable to all price.

Thanks to all supporters, we're increasingly getting more and more praise for our ghost production service and this really boosts our motivational levels. You're all wonderfully talented and enthusiastic individuals and it's always a pleasure working with our customers and ghost producers, or just communicating with people with something interesting to say whether negative or positive We're in such a disputed industry and this makes it more than one can called interesting to hear all opinions. Thanks