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Upload your mp3 music to sell | Make money with your tracks

Upload your mp3 music to sell | Make money with your tracks
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Upload your mp3 beats and music online to sell through distribution platforms to boost sales. This can be a tiresome procedure. As a music producer, you want to make money quickly from your work put in. Nowadays it's getting more difficult for make your efforts paid.

Uploading your mp3 to a strong distribution platform such as Beatport is was close to impossible. First you needed a Record Label and that label the correct distribution DJ agency to get your music tracks placed strongly on an online mp3 download website.

This process used to be a motivational killer for all music producers trying to sell their music, but now with the Beatport Pro, it's opened many doors to increase sales.

As a music producer selling mp3 tracks that you have made yourself has put effort into the production process and created excellent music tracks for online sale hardly receive any profits. Most of the time, the cake is firstly split up between the online mp3 library and the distributors removing you of 50%. This fee is barely acceptable as these stores don't have much work to do uploading the mp3 music files.

We also take a chunk as a distribution fee, but anyone who has experienced our customer service and music producer selection process will agree that the arranged fee is fair. Secondly, the remainder heads off to your label who also can really remove a large amount of the money made selling your music beats leaving you with cents and certainly not dollars for your music productions. This then means you have to sell masses of your tracks to make a proper and suitable amount of money.

Selling uploaded music and beats for more

As the music industry is getting more and more monopolistic, it is getting tougher and tougher to sell you uploaded music and beats for more. The boundaries and limitations to services such as Beatport were damaging the diversity of the industry. Many DJs purchase their tracks from the top 100 charts and build their mixes. Only having a small selection of music tracks to choose from, it’s difficult to define a signature brand to your sound. This of course is no issue for well-known artists selling their brand and then their uploaded music.

A large team and infrastructure stands behind big named DJs assist in the branding and bookings. Now that SFX has purchased a large number of big companies in the EDM industry, diversity will be even more in decline. We at Producer Factory can see the change coming and we don’t like what we see. Trying to add diversity to the industry and helping to bring new artists into the spotlight will only become more difficult and out of our control.

This will only be the case if we don’t fight back and branch off from the mainstream monotone sounds, industry and artists. As selling uploaded music and beats online is a large segment of any music producer's income, it’s important that all have a chance to reach the top. Artists should have the ability to create a signature mix allowing for better potential fan recognition and much more.

We have the idea, we have solution and we are working towards making it a reality as soon as possible. SFX may have the upper hand now, but with the majority of the industry suffering under their monopolistic manner we hope to over time take over as an EDM community. Our aim is for all artists to be able to sell their tracks, beats, music and much more online as an individual entity and not as a money making machine for all other parties. Imagine you could bypass all the hurdles and useless fees and get most of the sales into your pocket instead. Present yourself effectively and more than you could ever imagine at your fingertips.

Making more money selling your music mp3 beats online without restrictions and music labels is now soon reality. Whilst all distribution platforms feel confident that they have the market, some major artists are deciding against their services as the care for the music maker and producer as well as diversity is in decline. Plans for the future that are obvious to the beholder are, events and mass bookings, with the motto "let's squeeze everything we can out of these artists", in a way this is unavoidable with the structuring taking place.

Investing so much money into the largest companies within the EDM industry, from ticket offices to booking agencies and now Beatport for $50 million, they must make back that money for the investors. The benefits of a monopoly are, control and manipulation of the segments for example the charts, leaving no one an alternative so cheap deals for SFX can be agreed on whilst the man or woman who makes the music again loses out.

Why should one then sell self-made music mp3 beats online with such a provider? Why make these people money if they don't care and see you plain and simple as a commodity? Let's make them end this monopolistic and tiresome reign and reclaim the industry ourselves. It is possible!

Newly purchased Beatport suffers and soon will the DJs.

Newly bought Beatport has suffered under this transfer of owner. Right away many workers were fired as you can read in this link. Now the processes will become even worse and the start of an even narrower EDM industry and market will be generated. Pop music has suffered hugely over the last decades as monopolistic companies began to control the market.

Now as other genres such as Progressive, Tech House, House and many more are on the up, it’s apparently time to squeeze every penny possible using the same methods that somehow the consumers can’t see through.

There is so much more to offer in music style and diversity than these methods can offer. As announced, we’re initiating a sample store and it should be online very soon, but we are simultaneously working on an mp3 website for all artists within the EDM industry to benefit from. We won’t give away all our plans, but let us assure you that we are keeping our aim of diversifying, removing exclusivity and improving the income possibilities for EDM producers, DJs and artists.

Let’s look forward to expanding and hopefully saving the music EDM industry. I know it’s a bold claim, but we will do everything we can to fight against these giants. David managed it against Goliath and so shall we, or we’ll go down trying. Freedom within the EDM is our main goal and also as consumers we want better music to listen to.