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DJ mixers, which is best | Numark DM2002X Pro Master

By 27 June 2015 655 Views No comments

A mixer is a tool used for DJ sets and mixes.

1. Loading multiple tracks into the DJ mixer is the first thing one must do.

2. The DJ then uses the mixer to create an overlap of two different tracks.

3. This overlap created generates a whole new sound and ambience of the known tracks.

DJs use mixers to add originality to their transitions between tracks. At some point of course, the playing track is going to end and silence is not acceptable at a party. For this reason, the prepared up and coming track next on the playlist must be brought in seamlessly. DJ mixers help the performer keep the flow of their DJ set going.

Some tactics are swift transitions by simply quickly jumping into the next track at the right time e.g. a drop or after a bridge. This can generate quite an effect for the crowd and usually results in many cheers when mixed well.

Free music online offered by DJs | A smart move

By 27 June 2015 489 Views No comments

Free music online offered by DJs is good marketing. It is something that many fans seek. When we researched this key phrase, we found that an very large amount of people look to download free music every month. So how can you benefit from this as a DJ?

1. Well considering that there is much interest in gaining free music online, then you can perhaps consider grasping some of this traffic onto your platforms.

2. If you have a DJ website or profile online, perhaps advertising this feature is not a bad thing to do. If you don’t then hang in there and we will make this available for you.

3. Don’t risk loosing out on potential fans by stocking up on sellable DJ assets and give some of your music away for free.

Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs

By 26 June 2015 441 Views No comments

Offering free music to download is beneficial for DJs. Enjoying free music whether it be through Youtube streaming, through Apple music, iTunes or one of the many downloading or streaming platforms out there, is a favourite thing for your fans to do.

Fans love to download free music, and why shouldn’t they? Fans get to listen to their favourite artists, create epic playlists for any occasion and all for either a fraction of the cost of an album or nothing at all.

The downloading culture that we have today within the music industry has been blamed for many a loss of revenue and could be argued to have made ‘making it’ as an online DJ harder than ever before. However, by fans downloading your music, free or otherwise will create and boost your popularity worldwide promoting your DJ music and gain you status within your genre and the music community.

DJ software tools Mac or PC | How to get better at DJing

By 23 June 2015 895 Views No comments

DJ software tools help your performance and it is an important part of your toolbox. Knowing your programs is key to a successful music live set. All entertainment artists around the world use various DJ software for Mac or PC depending on their operating system, to achieve the mix they want for their booking event.

Presenting your DJ mix is a great way to advertise your style and expertise as an online DJ.

The internet is a wonderful tool that links all together Being able to show the world your music and mixes is so much easier than it used to be.

DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money

By 22 June 2015 540 Views No comments

DJ 2015, a difficult year to make money, so how to be the best this year? Well it's certainly not easy with the competition that's around these days. Of course the added difficulty rises from the increased exclusivity that the music industry giants are focusing on achieving.

In this year for the DJ of 2015, it's becoming harder to freely advertise and sell your music productions. With streaming platforms on the rise, there's less and less money for the artists to share.

For any major DJ 2015 it is close to equally beneficial, whose tracks get played thousands or more times a day. For a lesser known DJ, their income for 2015 will decrease from the years before. At least when discussing track sales or music production profits.

DJ Name Generator | Best way to a catchy DJ Name

By 22 June 2015 14582 Views 1 comment

DJ name generator is a tool that will help you get ideas and inspiration for creating your cool DJ name. This of course is a vital factor to consider as it’ll be your brand and identity within the DJ community and music industry.

Deciding on a good catchy DJ name is not an easy thing to pursue. There’ll be many sleepless nights lying awake considering where the idea or ideas are the right ones for you. Are you happy with the representation your DJ name brings? Having a DJ name generator to help boost your idea breadth is a good idea. I’m not saying that you should reply only on such a tool to decide on your name, but it may just give you the guidance you need. So simply search for DJ name generator and find the right tool for you.

What should I look out for when using a DJ name generator?

How to be a successful DJ | Info and Tips

By 24 September 2014 901 Views No comments

How to be a successful DJ?

Firstly, it has always been known that major DJs and singers don’t have time or even the ability to sit in a music studio and produce their own music. Not only would it not be feasible, but it wouldn’t make business sense either. With such a large fan base, they have to remain on top of providing the fans with new material including remix songs, social media entertainment and live performances. Why? Well this is how the Act and Record Label make money and get their income to balance the books.