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Tech House music productions | Find your next release

By 4 November 2015 528 Views No comments

A strong genre to be a part of today is Tech House. If you DJ in this genre, you may be thinking, where can I find my next release?

Here’s some questions you should as yourself.

  1. Where do you want to take your DJ career? To the top? If so, take a look at how the best DJs do it and use their methods. One of these is getting ...

Electro House music producer | Tech House ghost producer

By ProducerFactory 26 September 2015 1013 Views No comments

Don’t look too far if you’re wanting to find the right music producer for you. We have plenty of talented and experienced ghost producers ready to take on any task. If you’re looking for an Electro House Ghost Producer, then you’ve found the right place. Our Electro House category is booming right now. With most fully booked, prices are souring for custom ghost productions. However, the Tech House ghost producer section is rather quite right now. We anticipate a lot of action to occur here in the next month within our Tech House ghost production section and hence I recommend you find music producers now and even pre-book for next month.

House producers at Producer Factory | Ghost Productions

By 24 May 2015 501 Views No comments

House Ghost Producers at Producer Factory are simply the best around for your ghost production needs. We have every style you may be looking for and every sound you are seeking for your music signature. House is a wide genre with many sub-genres such as Deep House, Progressive House and Tech House to name a few major ones.