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Remix stems and how to get them and where to begin

By ProducerFactory 8 September 2015 2295 Views No comments

Remix stems and why are they important for remixing

For any remix project we would kindly ask for remix stems. The reason we need audio stems for any music production or ghost track is so we can follow the original song and convert it into a remix song of your own. Remixing means using the original elements of a music track and making something new out of this. Our ghost producers are experts at turning unmastered remix stems into a significant music production for you. This is their speciality and with pleasure, we’d embark on a remix project with you too.

Music production website | Custom tracks | Remix Service

By 23 May 2015 436 Views No comments

Music website for ghost productions Producer Factory is not a dominating music website for no reason. Our Ghost producing website makes music for the big names and well known artists, the choice they made to use Producer Factory is simply through giving our service a go.

With the best results being created that meet the needs of our customer, allowing them to save time and focus on DJ sets, getting club DJ jobs and of course their fans. We then provide our high profile clients with demos for review that they can comment on accordingly. Letting us understand their ideas and project better, this feedback is key to a successful track being produced.

We have to be honest and say that we are surprised since bringing our music production site online, how much our ghost production customers actually put in the production process. Their ideas and knowledge base as well as passion for their music was unexpected. This was the first pleasant reaction we received from our customers and that they are so happy to have their full involvement during ghost producing projects is very enjoyable indeed.

What production services does our website offer?

Well we focus on the main production services. These simply include our remix service under our music website Producer Factory and of course our famous custom ghost production service.

We simply cannot be more proud of our music website services for ghost productions and are more than happy with our customer responses.

Using our tried and tested ghost producers will ensure our quality guarantee is upheld. You understandably won’t be happy with less, so use Producer Factory the best music website available today.

How can the music website Producer Factory help you?

Well our music website can help you with multiple things. Save some time by cutting out the process of music producing by having your input and ideas built for you. This will help you increase your EP release rate and music portfolio. This is why our music website can help you create a huge boost in your DJ career.

Producer Factory will also help you realise your unique style and keep your brand signature alive whilst focusing on DJing and your fans.

Being the front man or woman onstage is a stressful and full-time job at times. Offering you space to focus on social media marketing and finding DJ bookings is not only good, but financially necessary. Getting bookings is your source of income along with track sales. So having time to market yourself and your music is vital. We can offer you a platform to achieve this.

We look forward to you becoming a part of our Producer Factory community.

How to remix | Easy to follow steps to planning your bootleg

By Producerfactory 19 September 2014 523 Views No comments

1. How to remix a song step 1

How to remix a song begins with choosing good audio editing software, within your digital audio workstation aka DAW, you can begin to add the audio files that build up the original track. The original audio files may comprise of vocals, various sound effects, a violin melody or any other instrument.

Simply make sure that all these remix stems and individual audio layers.

Depending on which software you are using to remix a song, some may allow you to perform more difficult tasks such as editing the tempo of the original track, or even autotune vocals and do pitch correction. Pretty much all the later mentioned audio software platforms will allow you to slice the files, reverse the Waveforms and even stretch the timing of the various remix stems to mould them to your preferred genre.