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Buying music samples | How you can save money

By 12 August 2014 479 Views No comments

Buying music samples will be soon made easier. Our planned system for all music producers and even video movie producers will be pleasantly surprised. A complex filtering system to achieve the goal of finding the exact sound category you need within five clicks will be put in place. Where you may ask? In our new music sample Webshop to be added to the Producer Factory concept.

Sample music industry | How we will improve it

By 10 August 2014 576 Views No comments

Music samples needed for music production are always hard to find. There always only seems to be a small selection of really good sample packs and kits. I emphasise seem as there are many excellent samples out there, but the whole pack is a waste of money. Buying a sample pack for your music genre and style is again risky as you might not be wanting all the contents. Only desiring small segments of a sample pack is common, as mainly 80% of purchased sample packs are never used and hence are a waste of money. However there is no way around this next travesty we're focusing on.