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Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

By 2 December 2015 484 Views No comments

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

Producer Factory is the original web-shop that sells ghost productions off-the-shelf to DJs since 12/06/2013. Any purchase includes the rights to the music track, allowing the buyer to place their DJ name in the credits and claim it as their own. To many people this was not a favourable music production service to encounter online. Strengthened by recent declarations of top names using ghost producers, Producer Factory begun to rub salt in the wounds of the EDM industry. This might be a reason what the following scenario began to play out.

Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​

By 7 November 2015 427 Views No comments

There's only one music production website that can get you your top quality release in under 3 minutes, as well as the files you want. It's never been more easy to buy music productions off the shelf and release them via your DJ alias. Generating likes, sales, followers and much more, releases are what the professional DJs use to keep the fans eye on them.

Have you ever released a track? Do you think that a DJ should be the producer instead of making money accepting club DJ jobs? If yes, then sadly you'll be stuck in the rut you are. If no, then welcome to Producer Factory and our music production website. Let's see what we encompass that's interesting for you.