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Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

By 2 December 2015 478 Views No comments

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

Producer Factory is the original web-shop that sells ghost productions off-the-shelf to DJs since 12/06/2013. Any purchase includes the rights to the music track, allowing the buyer to place their DJ name in the credits and claim it as their own. To many people this was not a favourable music production service to encounter online. Strengthened by recent declarations of top names using ghost producers, Producer Factory begun to rub salt in the wounds of the EDM industry. This might be a reason what the following scenario began to play out.

Looking for music producers | Find them here

By 18 November 2015 4211 Views No comments

Looking for music producers | Find them here

After much research about looking for music producers, we found a place where you can hire them to work with you or for you. This music production website is ProducerFactory.

The task of making your own beats is hard enough when you want to just DJ. So large investments to simply get your name our there by releasing tracks is crazy. The music industry also seems to regard this proactive music production with music producers for hire as fraudulent. To consider this as such is unjust. A DJ needs to focus on their own career as an entertainer and not an artist. We fully support this approach and more and more of the music world is coming to terms about this process being ingrained.

Music production services | Need a ghost producer?

By 7 November 2015 671 Views No comments

Do you notice how much time you spend trying to find the info you need to help improve your DJ career? Looking for tips, new tracks and equipment at a reasonable price? Many specifically are looking for music production services and freelancers to finish a track or remix. Others just want the benefits of turning their song into a top quality hit. Mixing and mastering is one of the most sought after online services regarding beat making today. So, what are you looking for?