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What is a music producer?

By 9 February 2016 448 Views No comments

A thousand people a month ask this question in Google alone. So let's take a look at "what is a music producer?" and try to explain what that job title entails.

Here at Producer Factory, we have under contract over 60 music producers who help our clients looking for Ghost Producers to boost their release portfolio. As common as this process is within the EDM industry, many DJs try to teach themselves the art of music production. But what is a music producer?

The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers

By 8 November 2015 425 Views No comments

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but the best DJ tracks released by the stars of today are made by Ghost Producers. We have plenty of high profile clients who of course we won't name using our music production services. It's normal. The industry is starting to see that it's not possible to keep the negative attitude towards ghost producing alive any longer. And why should they?

The last few with self-bound eyes and lacking brain power are holding a last stand against ghost producing. However through DJs coming clean and probably more likely music producers coming clean, it's apparent that Ghost Producers are integral for the industry to thrive and survive as it does. The best music tracks are either produced with no input from the name put on the track, or made in a teamwork scenario. Either way there's nothing wrong about this at all. Is it cheating?

Tech House music productions | Find your next release

By 4 November 2015 527 Views No comments

A strong genre to be a part of today is Tech House. If you DJ in this genre, you may be thinking, where can I find my next release?

Here’s some questions you should as yourself.

  1. Where do you want to take your DJ career? To the top? If so, take a look at how the best DJs do it and use their methods. One of these is getting ...

Electro House music producers | Hire the best

By 4 November 2015 592 Views No comments

Producer Factory offers DJs the chance to hire Electro House music producers. Our Ghost Producer experts can be requested to work on any audio production project you may have. Here it's made simple and beneficial for unique needs and styles. We have a large group of music producers who specialise in multiple sub-genres and even styles. So finding the right Ghost Producer for you has never been easier. Check out our profiles here and contact the music producer needed for your DJ style right away.

Online music producer website service to help make your own beats

By Producerfactory 5 September 2015 800 Views No comments

Online music producer website service to help make your own beats

Are you looking to make your own beats? Why not try our online music producer service? We've recently launched a new website to help DJs make their own beats with assistance from our ghost producers. If you're interested, then give our customer support team a go. They are internationally renowned at being the best and there's no harm in seeing what they have to say. With a dedicated service agent during your process of making your own beats, you'll be in the best of hands. Not only this, but our ghost producer assigned to your task will be dedicated also. No changing of hands to confuse the situation, no having to reiterate your request. We have it under control and so do you.

What do our online music producers ask us?

By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 323 Views No comments

What do our online music producers ask us?

We have a range of talented online music producers and we cover many music styles and genres in our ghost production section. From all the possible scenarios, there’s always with each new online music producer turned ghost producer accepted a new twist or question. Let’s have a look at the more frequently asked points when joining our service and how do some online audio producers get further than others.

Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing

By Producerfactory 26 August 2015 611 Views No comments

Music producer skills provide individuality | How to benefit smartly as a DJ

By 4 September 2014 404 Views No comments

Our music producers have offered many DJs the ability to become individual. As customer numbers increase at Producer Factory, it is becoming more apparent to us that it is vital for DJs to become individual with a style of music. This is no surprise, as this is certainly the most effective method for DJs become well known.

Our goal is always to create a style of music that would fit the DJs request. It is difficult for music producers to create individual styles and it is and is vital that we only offer the best services for customers. As we see more and more success coming out of our services, it is obvious that the skill of our ghost producers offer DJs the individuality they require.

As more of our customers become joined to good record labels, our pride in our service grows. Music producers chosen for a custom track purpose are always the best out of the selection. To become a custom track music producer, we request the ability to trust them, they must be able to finish the track in a timely fashion, realise and understand the style request from our customers and also be able to reproduce these following the customer comments.