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Music management companies | What are the benefits?

By 10 April 2016 665 Views No comments

Many DJs feel that music management companies can help them progress. A DJ career requires a lot of work and deserves huge respect. So why do midrange DJs choose a music management company to help them get further?

The negatives to hiring a music management company

In the mid-level stage of a DJ career, things are looking bright and promising. The easiest thing to do is then hire a music manager in the hope for more success. Right off the bat you need to remember that from that point on, you'll be working on average 25% more to cover the costs that arise. So much for the easy option.

Music manager | Do you need one?

By 8 April 2016 385 Views No comments

Music manager as a job title is becoming more and more redundant these days. The only music artists who need a manager to get their music career sorted are those who travel the world on a daily basis and can't afford the time to arrange gigs and DJ jobs themselves. Understandably it all comes down to efficiency versus gain. If your alias and persona would make more money with a music manager by your side after the cuts are taken, then having one is for you. If not, then you can easily do the work yourself and save during your growth period as a DJ.