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How best to contact record labels and what should I include in the E-mail?

By 22 November 2015 4555 Views No comments

Contacting record labels is part of the everyday life of a DJ. Not only contacting them, but also getting declined and rarely accepted. If accepted it's usually to their last choice of music label.

So, how should you go about contacting record companies?

It's best to contact these establishments by E-mail. E-mail is very trustworthy and is reflected by some time reviewing them. You have to understand that these music labels receive tens if not hundreds of release requests a day. Your aim is then to stand out from the masses.

What is an EP and how can I make, sell and release one?

By 22 November 2015 4847 Views No comments

An EP is a bundle of around 3 tracks made by a single music producer or multiple artists. These are a preferred choice of many DJs out there, as 3 songs is always better that a single one. EPs are regularly found on platforms like Beatport and iTunes. The costs of an EP vary greatly and is largely dependant on the distribution agencies and record labels.