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Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools

By 21 January 2016 769 Views No comments

Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools | New free video section is now available

Learning to make your own electronic music is no easy task. There are so many paths to consider and so many ways to be led astray. Music producing requires an artistic character, imaginative personality and a person with solid amounts of endurance and capacity for learning. If you feel you don't have any one if these, then it's best to leave music production be.

Music Production EDM | 5 habits to avoid when learning to produce music

By 26 October 2015 460 Views No comments

If you're at the start of learning how to produce music, then there are some common mistakes to avoid. Becoming a music producer is hard work. Not knowing exactly where to begin, or who to turn to can be daunting. Just know that today you're spoiled for choice and have the world at your fingertips. Regarding a starting position to learn EDM production, you're not far off pole. Let's take a look at music production in EDM and 5 habits to avoid when learning how to produce music.