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Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing

By Producerfactory 26 August 2015 615 Views No comments

Instrument samples | How they can improve your music productions

By 28 June 2015 573 Views No comments

Instruments Samples for music production are favoured by many. DJs understand the power that instruments can bring to their releases. The music producers who create the music tracks with instruments integrated have a trial to achieve the perfect result. Many years ago, instrument synths were mostly used during the majority of productions. This was perfectly acceptable and in. As time goes on and the listeners ear becomes keenly aware about the lack of quality compared to the live instruments, then this becomes the preferred.

Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production

By 25 June 2015 643 Views No comments

Instrumental music is difficult to mix and master into your music production and live sets. DJs do like performing instrumental tracks as it gives the original a twist and allows more focus on the creativity of the actual music.

Adding new elements into the music production is also a key factor to consider. Overall, the music track you bring out must be relatable, but have individuality that provides you as a DJ much recognition.