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​How to make electronic music | DAW tutorials | Production Hardware discussions

By 21 January 2016 622 Views No comments

How to make electronic music is something many new producers ask | Check out how to video tutorials in our new course section

When you decide to begin learning how to produce electronic music as a hobby or even a profession, then there are many tricks and facts you need to learn. The first thing is of course getting your studio set up correctly to create an optimal music production environment. After that it’s all about which DAW is right for you and the hardware equipment you need to boost your chances of improving that environment and help you succeed in your productions.

Our new: how to make music video tutorial section is now available for your use, and it’s 100% free.

Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools

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Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools | New free video section is now available

Learning to make your own electronic music is no easy task. There are so many paths to consider and so many ways to be led astray. Music producing requires an artistic character, imaginative personality and a person with solid amounts of endurance and capacity for learning. If you feel you don't have any one if these, then it's best to leave music production be.

​Become a music producer by joining our music producer school

By ProducerFactory 8 September 2015 367 Views No comments

Become a music producer by joining our music producer school

Have you ever thought of becoming a music producer? If so, then you’ve most likely thought of joining a online music producer school right? Well how about if our range of skilled music producers are for hire to do one on one tuition so you can learn the tricks of music production. Here you can review a music track that suits your style and buy the package to download the video, files and project file all in one. Then using the video you can rebuild and follow each step to create your perfect music production and become a music producer. Our music producer school will help you leap forward in your producing skills. Become a part of a supportive community and let our top professionals help you learn the best tricks using any music production programs suitable for EDM. Don’t wait to become a music producer professionally and get your learning tools suited to your music production programs.

​How to produce music and which DAW is best

By Producerfactory 5 September 2015 1099 Views No comments

Producing music is not easy. If you’re looking to work on music productions as a hobby and not to take it seriously, then its something that you should follow. If you’re wanting to know how to produce music and turn it into a profession, then we recommend you be very serious about it. Music production is a task that so many begin and after a couple of years realise, that they are never going to reach the level of the top music producers online today. After investing a lot of money in studio equipment and the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as well as controllers for your equipment and sound systems, it has to earn money back. The short lived online music producers simply get frustrated about the lack of knowledge and it’s apparent that even the best music producer today is still learning how to produce music properly. So considering that this is one of the toughest projects to embark on, with high cost and most likely low to no income, then do think twice. We of course don’t want to stop you from producing music, but it’ll be a long uphill climb for about 5-10 years.