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Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​

By 7 November 2015 423 Views No comments

There's only one music production website that can get you your top quality release in under 3 minutes, as well as the files you want. It's never been more easy to buy music productions off the shelf and release them via your DJ alias. Generating likes, sales, followers and much more, releases are what the professional DJs use to keep the fans eye on them.

Have you ever released a track? Do you think that a DJ should be the producer instead of making money accepting club DJ jobs? If yes, then sadly you'll be stuck in the rut you are. If no, then welcome to Producer Factory and our music production website. Let's see what we encompass that's interesting for you.

Electro House music producers | Hire the best

By 4 November 2015 592 Views No comments

Producer Factory offers DJs the chance to hire Electro House music producers. Our Ghost Producer experts can be requested to work on any audio production project you may have. Here it's made simple and beneficial for unique needs and styles. We have a large group of music producers who specialise in multiple sub-genres and even styles. So finding the right Ghost Producer for you has never been easier. Check out our profiles here and contact the music producer needed for your DJ style right away.

EDM music producers online | Review DJ samples

By 25 October 2015 404 Views No comments

If you're looking for music producers online, don't forget to check out our array of expert sound designers. Audio producers such as Beachslap, Chris G, Will Vee and Luke are rare to come by. Each making their own spectacular style of EDM productions that you can buy exclusively.

Simply take a look around our store and find the right ghost productions for you. We've set it up so you can review the DJ samples of the track first, locate tracks that suit your DAW and price range as well. If you're interested in the details of the ghost production, then simply click on the name or photo and check out more info. EDM music producers are here for hire and found online.

Electro House music producer | Tech House ghost producer

By ProducerFactory 26 September 2015 1012 Views No comments

Don’t look too far if you’re wanting to find the right music producer for you. We have plenty of talented and experienced ghost producers ready to take on any task. If you’re looking for an Electro House Ghost Producer, then you’ve found the right place. Our Electro House category is booming right now. With most fully booked, prices are souring for custom ghost productions. However, the Tech House ghost producer section is rather quite right now. We anticipate a lot of action to occur here in the next month within our Tech House ghost production section and hence I recommend you find music producers now and even pre-book for next month.

EDM music production software for your home recording studio

By Producerfactory 14 September 2015 2393 Views No comments

EDM music production software for your home recording studio

If you’re interested in producing EDM music using your home recording studio, then you may be firstly considering what software program DAW you want to use right? Well there’s many to choose from and all have their advantages and disadvantages for EDM production. Some more than ever. When you look into finding the right music production software for you, then you’ll find many answers that won’t truly help you further. This isn’t anything to get frustrate about, because the truth is simple. For EDM production any of the list below are suitable for you. It simply comes down to which interface you prefer to use in your music production studio. Taste is important here. If you’re a beginner at EDM production, then take a look at the most user-friendly option for you. FL Studio or Ableton maybe a great way to begin your music production career.

Online music producer website service to help make your own beats

By Producerfactory 5 September 2015 800 Views No comments

Online music producer website service to help make your own beats

Are you looking to make your own beats? Why not try our online music producer service? We've recently launched a new website to help DJs make their own beats with assistance from our ghost producers. If you're interested, then give our customer support team a go. They are internationally renowned at being the best and there's no harm in seeing what they have to say. With a dedicated service agent during your process of making your own beats, you'll be in the best of hands. Not only this, but our ghost producer assigned to your task will be dedicated also. No changing of hands to confuse the situation, no having to reiterate your request. We have it under control and so do you.

What do our online music producers ask us?

By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 323 Views No comments

What do our online music producers ask us?

We have a range of talented online music producers and we cover many music styles and genres in our ghost production section. From all the possible scenarios, there’s always with each new online music producer turned ghost producer accepted a new twist or question. Let’s have a look at the more frequently asked points when joining our service and how do some online audio producers get further than others.

Instrument stems for your music track

By sandro junker 28 August 2015 515 Views No comments

Instrument stems for your music track

Instrument layers and stems are vital for a strong and recognisable music track. As all know, it's often the melody or vocals that keep a track fit for the charts. In the last post we focused on vocals and how male and female vocals can boost your track potential beyond imagination. I'll now say the same concerning instrument stems for your music track.

Music productions must have a sing or hum along feature

What we've noticed in our ventures and those our client DJs have told us about is, that the more catchy a track is, the better the average release becomes. So it's obviously important to use instruments as a key feature of your production. Combine these layers with synth and a brilliant drum beat and you'll have a track to be proud of. Of course let's not forget a hefty bassline.