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How to get signed to a record label

By 9 December 2015 754 Views No comments

How to get signed to a record label

One of the biggest challenges for DJs is finding a way to getting signed by record labels. It's one of those long term time investments that usually ends in disappointment. The negative decline by a dream record label can really take he momentum out of a DJ career. Everyone knows that getting a release is the best exposure a DJ can have. So how to get around the question, how to get signed to a record label?

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

By 2 December 2015 484 Views No comments

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

Producer Factory is the original web-shop that sells ghost productions off-the-shelf to DJs since 12/06/2013. Any purchase includes the rights to the music track, allowing the buyer to place their DJ name in the credits and claim it as their own. To many people this was not a favourable music production service to encounter online. Strengthened by recent declarations of top names using ghost producers, Producer Factory begun to rub salt in the wounds of the EDM industry. This might be a reason what the following scenario began to play out.

Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production

By 25 June 2015 643 Views No comments

Instrumental music is difficult to mix and master into your music production and live sets. DJs do like performing instrumental tracks as it gives the original a twist and allows more focus on the creativity of the actual music.

Adding new elements into the music production is also a key factor to consider. Overall, the music track you bring out must be relatable, but have individuality that provides you as a DJ much recognition.

DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers | Producer Factory

By 23 June 2015 1030 Views No comments

DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers at Producer Factory:

My DJ collaboration story with Producer Factory starts following my attempt as a DJ to stem into music producing.

I had been mixing for several years before it got to the point where I felt my sets needed something by me in them, not only to further my DJ career and set myself apart from the rest, but to fulfil a life-long desire to make my own music tracks. So I did some background research, bought a popular music production program, took an online course and got cracking on my first track.

DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money

By 22 June 2015 543 Views No comments

DJ 2015, a difficult year to make money, so how to be the best this year? Well it's certainly not easy with the competition that's around these days. Of course the added difficulty rises from the increased exclusivity that the music industry giants are focusing on achieving.

In this year for the DJ of 2015, it's becoming harder to freely advertise and sell your music productions. With streaming platforms on the rise, there's less and less money for the artists to share.

For any major DJ 2015 it is close to equally beneficial, whose tracks get played thousands or more times a day. For a lesser known DJ, their income for 2015 will decrease from the years before. At least when discussing track sales or music production profits.

EDM house of tracks | Ghost music productions

By 26 May 2015 1351 Views No comments

Our EDM house of tracks for ghost productions is an excellent place to find collaboration. Are you perhaps looking for the right Ghost Producer for you? Well you need not look any further. Our EDM home of songs for ghost tracks is the only place that guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with a custom track from our EDM house of tracks, then you can get your money back. Please contact us for more info about this.

House ghost music productions | Buy and release

By 26 May 2015 612 Views No comments

House ghost music productions are one of our best selling genres at our house of tracks within Producer Factory. For this reason we have expanded our House Ghost Producer community to provide us with more House tracks to satisfy demand.

As supply has increased over the years we’ve been managing Producer Factory and our house of tracks diligently to ensure that customer satisfaction and needs are covered by allowing them to release our House ghost music productions under their DJ name and brand.

Ghost music productions | Why DJs and Producers team up

By 26 May 2015 520 Views No comments

Ghost music productions are nothing new. Music producers have been selling their services for decades, and even before that the greatest composers used ghostwriters to create their newest compositions.

Ghost music productions are in the big schemes of things new, but having other names on the work rather than the actual creator even stretches into historical paintings. Well-known artists had schools and workshops where all the pictures and paintings coming out of the collaborations, were name by the owner and main artist figurehead. So ghost music productions may come across as a new and frightening thing to the EDM industry, but factually this methodology is old school and has been around for centuries.