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Boost your EDM career | Ghost production service website

By 25 October 2015 741 Views No comments

Having an EDM career is tough work. Just don't expect miracles without any help. Teamwork is the way forward if you want a DJ career in EDM. Using our music production website you'll be ahead of the game. In hand you'll have the top quality EDM company in your hand. Having your DJ name generate attention whilst you're finding club DJ jobs or bookings is a vital component to any EDM career. Let's take a look at what our ghost producer services can offer you.

Custom ghost production: this by far is our most sought after music production service on our website. You can review and choose the right ghost producer suited to your EDM style. Then with one click, be led through all that's needed to help us get you the best EDM track production results you could dream of. We're talking serious chart topping quality your EDM career fans will not be able to ignore.

Ghost producing site Producer Factory | Why are we here?

By 10 June 2014 458 Views No comments

Producer Factory is a very serious music production website, who’s sole purpose is to give everyone the same chance within the music industry. As we all know the largest artists within the industry use ghost productions under their name to keep a steady release-rate and be as efficient towards making the most money for the Record Label as possible.

Ghost producing was quite an exclusive procedure before we came online and not including the massive number of pirate sites who were just taking peoples money for nothing. This is something we’ve heard readily from our customers.

Ghost production website | Producer Factory history

By 25 May 2014 674 Views No comments

“Being a DJ duo ourselves for over 10 years, we have learnt how hard the music industry can be just to make ends meet. Trying to do everything ourselves quickly conveyed to us how we’re getting swamped by other Acts and never really understanding how they were doing it."

Advantages of ghost music production teamwork

We ourselves had one large tool to our disposal later down the line and that was teamwork. Whilst one worked on music productions, the other focused on marketing and getting bookings. This works OK and since using this we have done quite well for some extra cash, but to turn this hobby into full-time work was not looking likely. We knew something was still missing.