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Ghost producers | What we think about such services in the industry

By 23 August 2014 499 Views No comments

Our opinion of ghost producers and what we think. A DJ is like every frontman there is in any industry. Front men are the entertainers and the brands of the enterprises. Front men such as DJs should focus on entertaining the fans, being in he right places and making money effectively and efficiently. Every industry is business and why should a business be run on a lower level of potential success? When being a DJ you must focus on multiple factors.

1. Get bookings and performances.

2. Create marketing campaigns.

3. Distribute the music whether it be ghost produced or not under your DJ name.

4. Look after your social presence

5. Bring out music or ghost productions to uphold relevance

6. Build infrastructure such as studios, partners and find employers or distributors.

Ghost producing site Producer Factory | Why are we here?

By 10 June 2014 461 Views No comments

Producer Factory is a very serious music production website, who’s sole purpose is to give everyone the same chance within the music industry. As we all know the largest artists within the industry use ghost productions under their name to keep a steady release-rate and be as efficient towards making the most money for the Record Label as possible.

Ghost producing was quite an exclusive procedure before we came online and not including the massive number of pirate sites who were just taking peoples money for nothing. This is something we’ve heard readily from our customers.