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Maarten Vorwerk | EDM Ghost Producer for DVBBS and more

By 8 June 2016 1749 Views No comments

Maarten Vorwerk is an EDM Ghost Producer, who has produced tracks for the likes of DVBBS, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Quintino, Danny Avila and more.

There is a Maarten Vorwerk interview about his approach and role as a Ghost Producer and experiences on a Portuguese publication by Wonderland In Rave.

As many of our readers aren’t fluent in Portuguese, we thought it best to write a short post about this.

The interview includes information about which DJs he worked with and for, segments about his career and ambitions and why he entered the ghost producing scene. We’ll break up this interview and add our own experience working with multiple EDM Ghost Producers to clarify some of his points and perceptions.

To summarise, Maarten Vorwerk has ghost produced many global hits, that you have heard to date. If you visit any major EDM festivals and events, you’ll be certain hear some tracks made by him. That’s something to bear in mind next time you’re admiring a live DJ set.

360° Package review | Customer feedback for guaranteed releases

By 19 May 2016 384 Views No comments

The new 360-degree service offered by Producerfactory really is the best career-launching package you could possibly hope for. Not only does it provide the expertise of top-quality ghost producers to make your dream track, but it also goes one step further by providing a guaranteed release of that track on a record label.

Producerfactory's flexibility also allows the service to be completely tailored to your needs. No matter what your requirements or budget, you can get yourself signed. Whether it be a single track released as a DJ collaboration with your chosen producer on an entry-level label, or a 3-track EP released in your own name on a major label, Producerfactory has it covered.

What Hardware does a music producer need?

By 25 February 2016 558 Views No comments

A home studio of a music producer requires many Hardware components to make beats. First one must research the right music production equipment for the chosen genre.

Here's an example list:

Synthesizer - a highly recommend synth is the Virus TI that costs around £1'700

Beat maker - one of the best brands are Akai, or simply the Machine 2.0. This costs around £200

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

By 2 December 2015 484 Views No comments

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

Producer Factory is the original web-shop that sells ghost productions off-the-shelf to DJs since 12/06/2013. Any purchase includes the rights to the music track, allowing the buyer to place their DJ name in the credits and claim it as their own. To many people this was not a favourable music production service to encounter online. Strengthened by recent declarations of top names using ghost producers, Producer Factory begun to rub salt in the wounds of the EDM industry. This might be a reason what the following scenario began to play out.

Music production services | Need a ghost producer?

By 7 November 2015 676 Views No comments

Do you notice how much time you spend trying to find the info you need to help improve your DJ career? Looking for tips, new tracks and equipment at a reasonable price? Many specifically are looking for music production services and freelancers to finish a track or remix. Others just want the benefits of turning their song into a top quality hit. Mixing and mastering is one of the most sought after online services regarding beat making today. So, what are you looking for?

Tech House music productions | Find your next release

By 4 November 2015 533 Views No comments

A strong genre to be a part of today is Tech House. If you DJ in this genre, you may be thinking, where can I find my next release?

Here’s some questions you should as yourself.

  1. Where do you want to take your DJ career? To the top? If so, take a look at how the best DJs do it and use their methods. One of these is getting ...

Female singers and male vocalIsts | Professional tracks

By Producerfactory 16 August 2015 520 Views No comments

Are you looking to get female session vocalists or male vocals for your music track? Hoping to be individual and stand out from the masses with your next EP release? I guess you don't have access to old hits and the associated royalty rights like the biggest stars. So, what is the next best option?

As all the top DJs are signed to long lived Record Labels, the distribution and cutting up of hit tracks are a daily occurrence. Without concern of rights being breached, music tracks can easily be stripped of male and female vocals to be used in the next production to ensure it'll be a hit. Without these tools, you have to become a creative DJ.

Do you not know where to find male and female vocals or singers? Well don't look any further. You have come to the right place.

Music downloads for your DJ profile | Get more tracks

By 26 June 2015 540 Views No comments

Music downloads for your DJ profile made available for your fans both free or for sale is a great way to capture the musical passion of many. Having your own tracks to distribute and sell, or offer for free is a hugely important part of a DJ online presence.

DJs rarely release their own tracks as music downloads or otherwise. So bringing out your own DJ music under your own name will help you move forwards in leaps and bounds. We always talk about separating yourself from anybody else and this is one way forward.

Music downloads have many benefits and basically no negatives. So jump on in and get your own track custom produced now.