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Ghost producer partner | Now 20% off!

By 12 September 2014 291 Views No comments

Find your ghost producing partner now for 20% off. Start a working relationship that lets you focus on and have what’s important to your DJ career. This includes providing your fans with top quality music tracks, performing marketing to get your alias known, work on increasing your sales and bookings to earn the money you need. Our music producers and more than perfect for getting you onto your dream Record Label.

Simply define to us your style and request using example links and descriptions and sit back and relax, whilst our ghost producers make your track to your specifications and now for 20% off on most of our products today.

Music producer | Ghost production contracting

By ProducerFactory 10 September 2014 619 Views No comments

Have you ever wanted to increase your release rate, build up your music track portfolio, or enter a remix contest? Perhaps you would prefer to have some assistance and advice when building your set? Well our ghost producers at Producer Factory are here to help. Every DJ and music producing talents are welcome to come and benefit from our fast growing service. We too are surprised at the magnitude Producer Factory has achieved. Not only we are happy with the results, but our music producers are as well. The only way this could become true, is if our customers are pleased with the results our top producers bring to the table.