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Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options

By 28 October 2015 515 Views No comments

When customers come to our store looking to get a DJ song now, we provide them with a solution. In this post, we'll take a look at how you can get a song for your DJ name right away, or one made to your liking. Our DJ store offers 3 easy ways to achieve this.

Option 1: use our in-store ghost productions to get your DJ song immediately. Simply browse the categories and music genres to find the right EDM track for you. It couldn't be easier than this. During your purchase to get a new DJ track, you'll have the opportunity to select which extra files you want with it.

​New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

By sandro junker 26 August 2015 498 Views No comments

New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

Our ghost producing website has moving into it’s third generation of improvements. We’re happy to announce it has been released and better than ever. If you’re looking to hire a ghost producer or mastering engineer, then there’s no better place to come than Producer Factory. We focus only on top quality music productions and audio engineering. Though there are many new features being planned at the moment, we have decided to launch the new Producer Factory 3.0 early. The user friendliness couldn’t be more precisely adapt to our customer needs. With excellent service and music producer professionals, we’ve really got the team you need to make your DJ career the best it can be. Don’t just rely on average results, make sure that those who have topped the charts are helping you with your newest release.

We’ve always said that our ghost producers really help bring out the individuality of your DJ name and this generates a thorough attention and an increase in finding bookings.

Remix contests can get you signed | Learn how

By 20 September 2014 679 Views No comments

Remix contests can challenge your music production abilities. Entering a remix contest is an effective way to present your skills. Starting with remix stems and producing something fantastic can be a very rewarding.

Turning an original track into something refreshing and new is certainly no easy task. Music producers have always used remix contests to show off their skills, or practice their abilities and see what the general consensus about their audio production is. Feedback from the general public can be daunting, but don't forget that those who don't offer constructive criticism probably can't make anything worth listening to anyways.

Ghost producers for you | Producer Factory

By 19 August 2014 441 Views No comments

Ghost producers are needed by many DJs to keep up the pace of their releases. Ghost producers have helped artists throughout many music genres to keep their fans happy with top quality releases. Producer Factory is proud to have such a strong ghost producer community. Ghost producers such as Naban, Chris G, Beachslap, Will Vee, Luke Max have really helped many DJs keep up with the pace of the industry.