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Online songs | Selling your tracks | How to get them sold

By 25 June 2015 325 Views No comments

Online songs and how best to get them sold. It's an approach you can't ignore if you DJ. It's a method many use to increase exposure an get new fans. Finding bookings is not easy and building a suitable and sellable DJ profile for your DJ name is more than vital. There are many platforms you can give away your music tracks or sell your online songs.

For many you require a distribution platform partner and this is where it gets tricky. Anyone can sign up to cheap sites and unsuccessfully present themselves. What you want to do is sell your online songs within one of the big names such as Beatport or iTunes. But even these allow you to get lost in the masses.

DJ programs | Software for your PC and Mac

By 22 June 2015 499 Views No comments

DJ programs are used by DJs to ensure that their mixes and sets are perfectly adapted to the event they discovered and were hired for. Finding bookings is a vital source of income for DJs and one has to impress the fans and employer. When creating a DJ mix or set, you certainly want to ensure that the planned music tracks you’re wanting to perform are compatible and associated with your style. Not only is this what your fans expect, but it’ll give your brand a signature needed.

DJ programs range way beyond just sets and DJ mixes. You can of course include any program used in the event itself. Perhaps you may even be considering your own lighting show. DJing software that is capable of doing this are not commonly used by the entertainer, but having one prepared may give you that bit extra your fans love so much.

Find bookings for DJs | How to go international and big

By 22 June 2015 507 Views No comments

Finding bookings can help you start your DJ career. There are plenty of options around the world to increase your income as an artist and DJ, you just need to be able to find them. Music sales alone simply don't cut it anymore. With streaming services growing at a rapid rate, there simply is no money left for the music artist to make. This is because all distribution companies and streaming platforms take the majority of profits from each artist.

Then how do these platforms make money you may ask? Well that's simple. If they take the majority percent from each artist and we imagine iTunes, then that sum will be horrifically huge whilst the actual artist gets pennies or cents.

For this reason it makes sense to focus on getting DJ jobs in clubs and bookings for other events.

EDM house of tracks | Ghost music productions

By 26 May 2015 1348 Views No comments

Our EDM house of tracks for ghost productions is an excellent place to find collaboration. Are you perhaps looking for the right Ghost Producer for you? Well you need not look any further. Our EDM home of songs for ghost tracks is the only place that guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with a custom track from our EDM house of tracks, then you can get your money back. Please contact us for more info about this.

Ghost music productions | Why DJs and Producers team up

By 26 May 2015 517 Views No comments

Ghost music productions are nothing new. Music producers have been selling their services for decades, and even before that the greatest composers used ghostwriters to create their newest compositions.

Ghost music productions are in the big schemes of things new, but having other names on the work rather than the actual creator even stretches into historical paintings. Well-known artists had schools and workshops where all the pictures and paintings coming out of the collaborations, were name by the owner and main artist figurehead. So ghost music productions may come across as a new and frightening thing to the EDM industry, but factually this methodology is old school and has been around for centuries.

Music production website | Custom tracks | Remix Service

By 23 May 2015 438 Views No comments

Music website for ghost productions Producer Factory is not a dominating music website for no reason. Our Ghost producing website makes music for the big names and well known artists, the choice they made to use Producer Factory is simply through giving our service a go.

With the best results being created that meet the needs of our customer, allowing them to save time and focus on DJ sets, getting club DJ jobs and of course their fans. We then provide our high profile clients with demos for review that they can comment on accordingly. Letting us understand their ideas and project better, this feedback is key to a successful track being produced.

We have to be honest and say that we are surprised since bringing our music production site online, how much our ghost production customers actually put in the production process. Their ideas and knowledge base as well as passion for their music was unexpected. This was the first pleasant reaction we received from our customers and that they are so happy to have their full involvement during ghost producing projects is very enjoyable indeed.

What production services does our website offer?

Well we focus on the main production services. These simply include our remix service under our music website Producer Factory and of course our famous custom ghost production service.

We simply cannot be more proud of our music website services for ghost productions and are more than happy with our customer responses.

Using our tried and tested ghost producers will ensure our quality guarantee is upheld. You understandably won’t be happy with less, so use Producer Factory the best music website available today.

How can the music website Producer Factory help you?

Well our music website can help you with multiple things. Save some time by cutting out the process of music producing by having your input and ideas built for you. This will help you increase your EP release rate and music portfolio. This is why our music website can help you create a huge boost in your DJ career.

Producer Factory will also help you realise your unique style and keep your brand signature alive whilst focusing on DJing and your fans.

Being the front man or woman onstage is a stressful and full-time job at times. Offering you space to focus on social media marketing and finding DJ bookings is not only good, but financially necessary. Getting bookings is your source of income along with track sales. So having time to market yourself and your music is vital. We can offer you a platform to achieve this.

We look forward to you becoming a part of our Producer Factory community.