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Looking for music producers | Find them here

By 18 November 2015 4212 Views No comments

Looking for music producers | Find them here

After much research about looking for music producers, we found a place where you can hire them to work with you or for you. This music production website is ProducerFactory.

The task of making your own beats is hard enough when you want to just DJ. So large investments to simply get your name our there by releasing tracks is crazy. The music industry also seems to regard this proactive music production with music producers for hire as fraudulent. To consider this as such is unjust. A DJ needs to focus on their own career as an entertainer and not an artist. We fully support this approach and more and more of the music world is coming to terms about this process being ingrained.

The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers

By 8 November 2015 425 Views No comments

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but the best DJ tracks released by the stars of today are made by Ghost Producers. We have plenty of high profile clients who of course we won't name using our music production services. It's normal. The industry is starting to see that it's not possible to keep the negative attitude towards ghost producing alive any longer. And why should they?

The last few with self-bound eyes and lacking brain power are holding a last stand against ghost producing. However through DJs coming clean and probably more likely music producers coming clean, it's apparent that Ghost Producers are integral for the industry to thrive and survive as it does. The best music tracks are either produced with no input from the name put on the track, or made in a teamwork scenario. Either way there's nothing wrong about this at all. Is it cheating?

Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​

By 7 November 2015 423 Views No comments

There's only one music production website that can get you your top quality release in under 3 minutes, as well as the files you want. It's never been more easy to buy music productions off the shelf and release them via your DJ alias. Generating likes, sales, followers and much more, releases are what the professional DJs use to keep the fans eye on them.

Have you ever released a track? Do you think that a DJ should be the producer instead of making money accepting club DJ jobs? If yes, then sadly you'll be stuck in the rut you are. If no, then welcome to Producer Factory and our music production website. Let's see what we encompass that's interesting for you.