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Electro House music producers | Hire the best

By 4 November 2015 592 Views No comments

Producer Factory offers DJs the chance to hire Electro House music producers. Our Ghost Producer experts can be requested to work on any audio production project you may have. Here it's made simple and beneficial for unique needs and styles. We have a large group of music producers who specialise in multiple sub-genres and even styles. So finding the right Ghost Producer for you has never been easier. Check out our profiles here and contact the music producer needed for your DJ style right away.

DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

By 1 November 2015 463 Views No comments

DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

Every DJ looks to release as many tracks as possible to boost recognition. How can you increase your release rate? Where can you find the best music productions? Well our DJ shop has music tracks you can buy in-store that include the distribution rights and more. These are called ghost productions.

When searching for the right DJ store to shop for ghost productions, keep quality in mind.