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Music Production EDM | 5 habits to avoid when learning to produce music

By 26 October 2015 464 Views No comments

If you're at the start of learning how to produce music, then there are some common mistakes to avoid. Becoming a music producer is hard work. Not knowing exactly where to begin, or who to turn to can be daunting. Just know that today you're spoiled for choice and have the world at your fingertips. Regarding a starting position to learn EDM production, you're not far off pole. Let's take a look at music production in EDM and 5 habits to avoid when learning how to produce music.

3 steps | Making your own beats

By 25 October 2015 486 Views No comments

One of the issues that you as a DJ have today, is finding the time to make your own beats. With all the other aspects of a DJ career on your shoulders, being expected to release EDM tracks is sometimes too much. There is of course help out there in the form of ghost producers, but if you're adamant in making your own beats, then perhaps this blog post can help. Taking the first step to audio engineering and production of your own music beats is the biggest. The learning aspects massive. This is why I've broken it down for a clearer overview.