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EDM DJ producer

By 17 December 2015 608 Views No comments

EDM has been crowded, with the greatest names following their record label requests and teaming up with DJs. Now DJs became the stars of today and at trend is still continuing. So now more than ever, releasing your own music tracks has become a key feature of success.

More and more DJs try to climb to the top, but the consumer industry is really hampering progress. His in turn is allowing more control by major record labels, which is precisely what Producer Factory is fighting to limit.

How to start a DJ career

By 9 October 2015 789 Views No comments

Starting a DJ career is no easy thing to achieve. DJing is one of the toughest industries to take part in. However, the majority of a career in DJ end fast, or never get started. You may think, “oh great, why bother?”, but the fact states otherwise. This is wonderful news as there are too many lazy DJs out there who simply don’t know how to start a career as a DJ.

Ghost music productions | Why DJs and Producers team up

By 26 May 2015 517 Views No comments

Ghost music productions are nothing new. Music producers have been selling their services for decades, and even before that the greatest composers used ghostwriters to create their newest compositions.

Ghost music productions are in the big schemes of things new, but having other names on the work rather than the actual creator even stretches into historical paintings. Well-known artists had schools and workshops where all the pictures and paintings coming out of the collaborations, were name by the owner and main artist figurehead. So ghost music productions may come across as a new and frightening thing to the EDM industry, but factually this methodology is old school and has been around for centuries.