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Music manager | Do you need one?

By 8 April 2016 386 Views No comments

Music manager as a job title is becoming more and more redundant these days. The only music artists who need a manager to get their music career sorted are those who travel the world on a daily basis and can't afford the time to arrange gigs and DJ jobs themselves. Understandably it all comes down to efficiency versus gain. If your alias and persona would make more money with a music manager by your side after the cuts are taken, then having one is for you. If not, then you can easily do the work yourself and save during your growth period as a DJ.

DJ Tutorial: Essential DJ Skills Part 2 | BPM Detection 2015 (Traktor, Pioneer)

By 9 February 2016 484 Views No comments

DJ Tutorial: Essential DJ Skills Part 2 | BPM Detection 2015 (Traktor, Pioneer)

Are you a beginner DJ or simply looking for a tutorial to help learn key functions of Traktor? Ever struggled with detecting the BPM on Traktor? The video dj tutorial below can help you.

There are essential skills you need to learn to make your set on the decks as good as possible. Today the key feature of DJing has shifted from simply just knowing what the crowd likes and manually putting in an amazing mix. It's now all DJ hardware related and controlled by a laptop. So you have to stay on top of your game and DJ tutorials can help you achieve this.

Learning how to DJ

By 22 October 2015 438 Views No comments

Are you looking to become a famous DJ? Has your passion always been to entertain and this then combined with music and parties seem attractive to you? If you are looking to learn to DJ and be in the spotlight, then this article may help you.

Learning how to DJ, in particular regarding EDM music, is one of the most desired activities for the young up and coming. Many DJ schools and lessons have been filled with keen eyed people, hoping to get into the spotlight and wow their fans with ultimate sets and skills. There are many places out there that will help you learn to be a DJ and whole business have been built up around this craze.

DJ as a Career

By 22 October 2015 361 Views No comments

So many, young and old love the idea of being a DJ as a career. A career in DJ is not an easy feat to achieve. Most DJ careers end in nothing ever kickstarting, but there’s a reason for this. If you want to become a famous DJ, then you need to follow the formula of the stars today. Perhaps even thinking ahead and being more spectacular.

The question about how to become a famous DJ is most relevant to those who truly wish to aspire and DJ as a career. Hobby DJs love their on an off weekends at local clubs. These type of DJ jobs however can become very tiresome and as you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking and wanting to know what the next step is. Well, let me please ask you a few questions about how to DJ as a career.

    How to start a DJ career

    By 9 October 2015 789 Views No comments

    Starting a DJ career is no easy thing to achieve. DJing is one of the toughest industries to take part in. However, the majority of a career in DJ end fast, or never get started. You may think, “oh great, why bother?”, but the fact states otherwise. This is wonderful news as there are too many lazy DJs out there who simply don’t know how to start a career as a DJ.

    DJ set and mixing online

    By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 926 Views No comments

    DJ set and mixing a live session for your booking

    As a DJ, it’s important you take a lot of time to consider the best way to approach your DJ set. Any performance you go with using your DJ name is advertisement. You must get it right for the venue and where in the line-up you are. Once you have found a booking there are a few things you need to consider that we’ll look into later in this DJ blog post. The main part of this entry is to figure our how best to get your DJ set mixed for a live session for your booking.

    Are your DJ skills strong but your productions holding you back?

    By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 316 Views No comments

    I am David from http://producerfactory.com

    Are your DJ skills strong but your productions holding you back?

    We welcome you to ProducerFactory, where we make your dream track come true. Helping our top class world travelling and beginner DJs boost their music portfolio is our main goal.

    DJ mixers, which is best | Numark DM2002X Pro Master

    By 27 June 2015 656 Views No comments

    A mixer is a tool used for DJ sets and mixes.

    1. Loading multiple tracks into the DJ mixer is the first thing one must do.

    2. The DJ then uses the mixer to create an overlap of two different tracks.

    3. This overlap created generates a whole new sound and ambience of the known tracks.

    DJs use mixers to add originality to their transitions between tracks. At some point of course, the playing track is going to end and silence is not acceptable at a party. For this reason, the prepared up and coming track next on the playlist must be brought in seamlessly. DJ mixers help the performer keep the flow of their DJ set going.

    Some tactics are swift transitions by simply quickly jumping into the next track at the right time e.g. a drop or after a bridge. This can generate quite an effect for the crowd and usually results in many cheers when mixed well.