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DJ as a Career

By 22 October 2015 364 Views No comments

So many, young and old love the idea of being a DJ as a career. A career in DJ is not an easy feat to achieve. Most DJ careers end in nothing ever kickstarting, but there’s a reason for this. If you want to become a famous DJ, then you need to follow the formula of the stars today. Perhaps even thinking ahead and being more spectacular.

The question about how to become a famous DJ is most relevant to those who truly wish to aspire and DJ as a career. Hobby DJs love their on an off weekends at local clubs. These type of DJ jobs however can become very tiresome and as you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking and wanting to know what the next step is. Well, let me please ask you a few questions about how to DJ as a career.

    How to become a DJ producer

    By 15 October 2015 642 Views No comments

    Becoming a DJ producer for us here at Producer Factory is simply a contradiction. Either one focuses on being a DJ, or a music producer. Working on both tasks is inefficient. To be the best DJ possible, one has to implement teamwork and this branches out into many areas of DJ activities. Music producers on the other hand have to invest large amounts of money and time to become the best. DJs have to do the same, but in different areas. Let’s break down the differences and see the clashes more clearly to understand why you shouldn’t think about how to become a DJ producer.

    DJ like a pro | EDM DJ songs | Need a music producer

    By ProducerFactory 25 September 2015 1497 Views No comments

    Producer Factory offers you services that a pro DJ cannot ignore. To be the best and become that DJ you want to, with fans and jobs at the ready, you need to put in a lot of work. We can help you with that. Not unlike any business, your DJ name must generate attention and capture a fan base. As with every professional DJ, marketing is a key component. There are various types of marketing you can approach to start showing off your DJing best. First there's the social marketing aspect. Covering Twitter and Facebook as well as other channels is key. The importance of getting it right from the beginning is vital. So let's start there.

    DJ name generating and branding is the first step you should undertake. Ensuring that your DJ alias is free of any association of an existing DJ pro. Perhaps before starting, take a look at this post about DJ name generators.

    How to DJ like a pro

    By Producerfactory 15 September 2015 2930 Views 1 comment

    Read this to learn how to DJ like the best

    In this article, you’ll get to learn how to DJ. For many people, DJing is a passion and something that has always just remained a dream. There really is no reason why it should be a dream and not become reality. So we hope that after reading this, you’ll not only feel confident to become a DJ, but also have the motivation to turn your new hobby into a DJing career. With all the DJ tricks in the book, you’ll have the info you need to be the best. This is not an understatement and simply follow the points accurately and you’ll be well on your way to making your dream become true.

    DJ mix songs and dj software tools - which to choose for your set

    By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 720 Views No comments

    DJ mix songs and which to choose for your set

    With the large abundance of DJ mix songs and sets paving the way or each new release coming out, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a DJ, choosing the right mix songs and mp3 files is important for your fans to enjoy their experience. A happy experience relates happy memories to your DJ name and hence it’s vital you generate the right vibes with your DJ mix songs and the associated set. Djing is entertainment, so focus on being an entertainer first. This is prioritised over personal choice. you must feed the masses what they want.

    To start searching for he right mix tracks and mp3 songs, review what’s topping the music charts right now. After some research, see how these fit into your style of DJing. Buy tracks that do suit and being adding your DJ mix songs into your software or Dj tools. This is where the mixing process can begin.

    What DJ software tools should I download for my mix songs?

    Are your DJ skills strong but your productions holding you back?

    By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 319 Views No comments

    I am David from http://producerfactory.com

    Are your DJ skills strong but your productions holding you back?

    We welcome you to ProducerFactory, where we make your dream track come true. Helping our top class world travelling and beginner DJs boost their music portfolio is our main goal.

    How to be a successful DJ | Info and Tips

    By 24 September 2014 906 Views No comments

    How to be a successful DJ?

    Firstly, it has always been known that major DJs and singers don’t have time or even the ability to sit in a music studio and produce their own music. Not only would it not be feasible, but it wouldn’t make business sense either. With such a large fan base, they have to remain on top of providing the fans with new material including remix songs, social media entertainment and live performances. Why? Well this is how the Act and Record Label make money and get their income to balance the books.