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How to DJ like a pro

By Producerfactory 15 September 2015 2930 Views 1 comment

Read this to learn how to DJ like the best

In this article, you’ll get to learn how to DJ. For many people, DJing is a passion and something that has always just remained a dream. There really is no reason why it should be a dream and not become reality. So we hope that after reading this, you’ll not only feel confident to become a DJ, but also have the motivation to turn your new hobby into a DJing career. With all the DJ tricks in the book, you’ll have the info you need to be the best. This is not an understatement and simply follow the points accurately and you’ll be well on your way to making your dream become true.

DJ mix songs and dj software tools - which to choose for your set

By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 720 Views No comments

DJ mix songs and which to choose for your set

With the large abundance of DJ mix songs and sets paving the way or each new release coming out, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a DJ, choosing the right mix songs and mp3 files is important for your fans to enjoy their experience. A happy experience relates happy memories to your DJ name and hence it’s vital you generate the right vibes with your DJ mix songs and the associated set. Djing is entertainment, so focus on being an entertainer first. This is prioritised over personal choice. you must feed the masses what they want.

To start searching for he right mix tracks and mp3 songs, review what’s topping the music charts right now. After some research, see how these fit into your style of DJing. Buy tracks that do suit and being adding your DJ mix songs into your software or Dj tools. This is where the mixing process can begin.

What DJ software tools should I download for my mix songs?

DJ set and mixing online

By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 931 Views No comments

DJ set and mixing a live session for your booking

As a DJ, it’s important you take a lot of time to consider the best way to approach your DJ set. Any performance you go with using your DJ name is advertisement. You must get it right for the venue and where in the line-up you are. Once you have found a booking there are a few things you need to consider that we’ll look into later in this DJ blog post. The main part of this entry is to figure our how best to get your DJ set mixed for a live session for your booking.

DJ programs | Software for your PC and Mac

By 22 June 2015 502 Views No comments

DJ programs are used by DJs to ensure that their mixes and sets are perfectly adapted to the event they discovered and were hired for. Finding bookings is a vital source of income for DJs and one has to impress the fans and employer. When creating a DJ mix or set, you certainly want to ensure that the planned music tracks you’re wanting to perform are compatible and associated with your style. Not only is this what your fans expect, but it’ll give your brand a signature needed.

DJ programs range way beyond just sets and DJ mixes. You can of course include any program used in the event itself. Perhaps you may even be considering your own lighting show. DJing software that is capable of doing this are not commonly used by the entertainer, but having one prepared may give you that bit extra your fans love so much.

DJ Name Generator | Best way to a catchy DJ Name

By 22 June 2015 14743 Views 1 comment

DJ name generator is a tool that will help you get ideas and inspiration for creating your cool DJ name. This of course is a vital factor to consider as it’ll be your brand and identity within the DJ community and music industry.

Deciding on a good catchy DJ name is not an easy thing to pursue. There’ll be many sleepless nights lying awake considering where the idea or ideas are the right ones for you. Are you happy with the representation your DJ name brings? Having a DJ name generator to help boost your idea breadth is a good idea. I’m not saying that you should reply only on such a tool to decide on your name, but it may just give you the guidance you need. So simply search for DJ name generator and find the right tool for you.

What should I look out for when using a DJ name generator?