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What is a DJ pool and which is best?

By 17 December 2015 1695 Views No comments

A DJ pool is a collection of DJs who put their tracks up for free or a small charge. Then how does this differ from a normal music distribution platform? The difference is simply that a record pool is for DJs to connect and communicate with each other. The added benefit of building a strong amount of music for DJing purposes allows one to stay up to date with the newest releases. Offer your thoughts and constructive criticism as well as network with other producers and DJs.

DJ pools, also known as record pools, are a good way to stay on top of your game. But if you don't have releases, how can you join a DJ pool? Do you miss out on all these benefits? Yes you do.

Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

By 3 December 2015 526 Views No comments

Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

New to the Producer Factory is the addition of a music producer and DJ forum. Now you have a chance to enter or begin general discussions, talk to good professional music producers and show off your DJ mixes and sets. Offering our community the chance to anonymously contact each other and freely get advice, trade techniques and tricks, grow confident in establishing a collaboration and much more. Our new DJ and music producer forum welcomes all at any level, who are working hard to make the most of their DJ career. Let’s take a look at the categories we have so far.

How to DJ like a pro

By Producerfactory 15 September 2015 2922 Views 1 comment

Read this to learn how to DJ like the best

In this article, you’ll get to learn how to DJ. For many people, DJing is a passion and something that has always just remained a dream. There really is no reason why it should be a dream and not become reality. So we hope that after reading this, you’ll not only feel confident to become a DJ, but also have the motivation to turn your new hobby into a DJing career. With all the DJ tricks in the book, you’ll have the info you need to be the best. This is not an understatement and simply follow the points accurately and you’ll be well on your way to making your dream become true.

DJ mix songs and dj software tools - which to choose for your set

By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 713 Views No comments

DJ mix songs and which to choose for your set

With the large abundance of DJ mix songs and sets paving the way or each new release coming out, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a DJ, choosing the right mix songs and mp3 files is important for your fans to enjoy their experience. A happy experience relates happy memories to your DJ name and hence it’s vital you generate the right vibes with your DJ mix songs and the associated set. Djing is entertainment, so focus on being an entertainer first. This is prioritised over personal choice. you must feed the masses what they want.

To start searching for he right mix tracks and mp3 songs, review what’s topping the music charts right now. After some research, see how these fit into your style of DJing. Buy tracks that do suit and being adding your DJ mix songs into your software or Dj tools. This is where the mixing process can begin.

What DJ software tools should I download for my mix songs?

DJ set and mixing online

By Producerfactory 4 September 2015 922 Views No comments

DJ set and mixing a live session for your booking

As a DJ, it’s important you take a lot of time to consider the best way to approach your DJ set. Any performance you go with using your DJ name is advertisement. You must get it right for the venue and where in the line-up you are. Once you have found a booking there are a few things you need to consider that we’ll look into later in this DJ blog post. The main part of this entry is to figure our how best to get your DJ set mixed for a live session for your booking.

Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs

By 26 June 2015 441 Views No comments

Offering free music to download is beneficial for DJs. Enjoying free music whether it be through Youtube streaming, through Apple music, iTunes or one of the many downloading or streaming platforms out there, is a favourite thing for your fans to do.

Fans love to download free music, and why shouldn’t they? Fans get to listen to their favourite artists, create epic playlists for any occasion and all for either a fraction of the cost of an album or nothing at all.

The downloading culture that we have today within the music industry has been blamed for many a loss of revenue and could be argued to have made ‘making it’ as an online DJ harder than ever before. However, by fans downloading your music, free or otherwise will create and boost your popularity worldwide promoting your DJ music and gain you status within your genre and the music community.

DJ software tools Mac or PC | How to get better at DJing

By 23 June 2015 894 Views No comments

DJ software tools help your performance and it is an important part of your toolbox. Knowing your programs is key to a successful music live set. All entertainment artists around the world use various DJ software for Mac or PC depending on their operating system, to achieve the mix they want for their booking event.

Presenting your DJ mix is a great way to advertise your style and expertise as an online DJ.

The internet is a wonderful tool that links all together Being able to show the world your music and mixes is so much easier than it used to be.

DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money

By 22 June 2015 538 Views No comments

DJ 2015, a difficult year to make money, so how to be the best this year? Well it's certainly not easy with the competition that's around these days. Of course the added difficulty rises from the increased exclusivity that the music industry giants are focusing on achieving.

In this year for the DJ of 2015, it's becoming harder to freely advertise and sell your music productions. With streaming platforms on the rise, there's less and less money for the artists to share.

For any major DJ 2015 it is close to equally beneficial, whose tracks get played thousands or more times a day. For a lesser known DJ, their income for 2015 will decrease from the years before. At least when discussing track sales or music production profits.