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New DJ music | Buy your own track

By 8 November 2015 5127 Views No comments

Every top DJ knows that finding new music can be tough. There's a lot to choose from, but when all are buying from the top 100 charts, then how can you stand out? Basically every DJ will have the same playlist and that is no fun for the fans. The question remains then, why choose you as their favourite DJ? It comes down to what new DJ music you release into the market.

So, what does this mean? Well simply put, to be original and different you have to produce your own music. This is what the industry expects of you, apparently. So on top of having to learn to DJ and achieve the skills matching pro you're expected to know how to produce music. On top you have to invest in hardware and software. Spend all your hard earned DJing income on a decade of music production. In a way they are right. Releasing your own DJ songs is key to getting your brand established. However, there is another way to buying tracks you can sell. Visit our store and find your own track today.

Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks

By 8 November 2015 712 Views No comments

Why would you want to buy exclusive tracks? There are plenty of Progressive House music songs for purchase to add to your DJ mix, right? I'm afraid not.

Exclusive tracks don't mean you're the only one who will add it to your DJ mix. Progressive House music from our DJ store offer you the chance to acquire a one off track to sell as your own. This is the main attraction towards our products. When purchasing a ghost production from our shop, you'll receive the WAV file and any added extra files such as the remix stems.

How to get DJ songs for release

By 30 October 2015 728 Views No comments

As a DJ, you're probably looking into how your career can be boosted. The main aspects to consider for your DJ career are songs that suit your existing music. I don't just mean music for DJs that don’t belong to you, but exclusive DJ songs that you can release using your DJ name, generating attention and strength compared to your competitors.

n the DJ world, rivalry is just as vigorous as in any other business. Those with an established brand have it easy. Those who don't, don't. The struggle lies in the detail and it's easy to lose focus of your end goal to have a successful EDM career. For this reason I thought we'd take a look at some problems DJs experience.