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How to get DJ songs for release

By 30 October 2015 726 Views No comments

As a DJ, you're probably looking into how your career can be boosted. The main aspects to consider for your DJ career are songs that suit your existing music. I don't just mean music for DJs that don’t belong to you, but exclusive DJ songs that you can release using your DJ name, generating attention and strength compared to your competitors.

n the DJ world, rivalry is just as vigorous as in any other business. Those with an established brand have it easy. Those who don't, don't. The struggle lies in the detail and it's easy to lose focus of your end goal to have a successful EDM career. For this reason I thought we'd take a look at some problems DJs experience.

Exclusive music for DJs | Buy ghost productions

By 28 October 2015 406 Views No comments

If you’re looking to get your next track out quick and need a ghost music production to boost your release rate, then don’t look any further. We are updating our library regularly and have excellent exclusive music for DJs in our store. Here at Producer Factory, you can buy any ghost production we have exclusively. This means that one it’s purchased, it’s removed from our DJ store. The process is completely anonymous and once payment is completed, you’ll receive the links to the purchased files.

Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options

By 28 October 2015 515 Views No comments

When customers come to our store looking to get a DJ song now, we provide them with a solution. In this post, we'll take a look at how you can get a song for your DJ name right away, or one made to your liking. Our DJ store offers 3 easy ways to achieve this.

Option 1: use our in-store ghost productions to get your DJ song immediately. Simply browse the categories and music genres to find the right EDM track for you. It couldn't be easier than this. During your purchase to get a new DJ track, you'll have the opportunity to select which extra files you want with it.